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Funding the Zombie Apocalypse

By Adam Taylor –

Kickstarter has helped support a lot of gaming projects, many of which have tried to change traditional gaming ideas. Dead State is one of those groundbreakers.

There are countless “zombie survival” games out there, which are generally less about survival and more about running around killing endless waves of zombies, or enemies with a zombie theme. Somewhere along the way the idea of surviving has been replaced with just making more generic shooters with undead or infected enemies.

Dead State
is doing something very different. It’s a zombie survival game where survival IS the focus. This isn’t a game about slaughtering your way through an endless zombie horde; it’s about a group of survivors trying to last as long as they can. It’s a role-playing game where the interactions between survivors and the stress they’re under is put into the spotlight. A group of people in a confined area have enough trouble getting along, add in the threat of death at the undying hordes outside, and there will definitely be some conflict going on.

The survivors come from all walks of life. You’ll find real people, such as teachers, office workers and doctors, not super soldiers. Each has their own skills and abilities and it is making the most of their capabilities that is the key to success. If you need medical supplies, then taking the doctor with you to the hospital for a supply run is a good idea. However said doctor’s skills won’t be on combat, so they’re a liability if you have to face zombies or other survivors trying to claim supplies for themselves. So it’s up to you to decide the best choices for every situation.

The game uses a turn based combat system that focuses more on strategy and tactics than twitch gaming. The focus is on making the most of your resources, rather than just gunning everything down based on the player’s reflexes. There are a variety of weapons to make use of, but the louder the weapon the more chance of attracting zombies to your area. Will you risk being bitten or scratched to take zombies out with an axe? Or will you take them down from a safe distance and risk bringing more to your area?

The zombies featured are the traditional slow moving, shambling variety. Many games have turned zombies into super-human sprinters and mutant monsters, which has been a point of contention with a lot of classic zombie enthusiasts. Dead State focuses on zombies which aren’t much of a threat individually, as long as they’re kept at a distance, but which become an unstoppable horde as noise and prey attracts more and more to the area.

Dead State is being made by DoubleBear Productions, an independent development company who have been working alongside Iron Tower Studios (who are working on Age of Decadence) as well as other talented independent developers. The Kickstarter project’s funding period ends on July 5 at 5:31 p.m., so if you’re interested in supporting them, now’s the time. Help fund the zombie apocalypse and bringing the survival back to zombie survival games.

(Accurate as of July 3)

Original Goal:





Stretch Goals Reached:

  1. $180,000 – The Weapon Pack – REACHED!
  2.  $210k – New Areas (Military Base, Regional Airport, County Fair, Mall)
  3. $240k – More Attack Animations, 2 New Allies, 2 New Shelter Upgrades.


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