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Concert Review: Queens of the Stone Age, Brody Dalle @ General Motors Centre

By: Gavin Clark

Queens of the Stone Age. (Photo: Gavin Clark/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Queens of the Stone Age. (Photo: Gavin Clark/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

On Saturday, July 5th, Queens of the Stone Age and opener Brody Dalle took to the stage at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa and delivered 2 uniquely energetic performances for the packed house. Dalle’s raw punk attitude had fansheadbanging and moshing, while QOTSA achieved a fun, crisp performance that showcase Josh Homme’s veteran frontman stage persona.

The former lead singer for the Distillers, Brody Dalle’s distinctive raspy voice merged with the sharp guitars and pounding drums to open the evening’s performance. Dalle’s throwback performances on Distiller’s tracks such as “Coral Fang” and “The Blackest Years” gained the biggest cheers from the crowd. Dalle’s stationary position throughout most of her set lacked the vivaciousness that the charismatic Homme would display later in the night, but her bare-bones, no-nonsense, punk rock performance was nothing short of exciting.

A 60-second countdown aired on the video screens above the stage, as each passing the second peaked the energy in the arena until the crowd erupted at 0 and the drum pattern on “You think I ain’t worth a dollar, but I feel like a Millionaire” from 2002’s Songs for the Deaf blasted through the arena. The crowd lost its collective mind, and the band transitioned into one of their biggest hits, “No One Knows”.

“I wasn’t feeling good earlier, now I feel f*ckin’ great” Homme proclaimed a couple of songs in to the set. He could neither say nor do anything without receiving a thunderous ovation.

The band performed a heft of newer work from 2013’s Like Clockwork including “If I Had a Tail” “…Like Clockwork” and “I Appear Missing”, but it was Era Vulgaris classic, such as “3’s and 7’s” and the grungy “Sick, Sick, Sick”, that got the best responses from the fans. QOTSA’s energy was reciprocated by a frenzy of crowd surfers. A mid-set high point was when the strobe lights became so intense, whipping rapidly around the stadium, creating a twister-like effect.

Homme slowed things down and had the audience singing along with the gentle ballad “Make it With Chu” before revamping the energy on “Go with the Flow”. These hits got a crowd response, but Homme received the strongest reactions when he would gently utter “Thank you guys very much”  after performing a song.

The band performed in front of uniform red amplifiers, making deliberate movements when necessary –  it was very cool and calculated rocking, as they rounded out the 90-minute set with the three-song encore “A Vampyre of Time and Memory”, “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” and “A Song for the Dead”.

Check out our photos from the show here.


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