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Moroccan Rollers: An Interview with The Tea Party’s Stuart Chatwood

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) – These are exciting times for The Tea Party. After a decade-long period of silence following an acrimonious breakup, the Canadian rock trio has put aside their differences to record Ocean at the End, their first album in ten years. We spoke to Stuart Chatwood, the band’s bassist and about world music, collaborating with Jethro Tull’s Ian … Continue reading

Live and Die: An Interview with Geneviève Bellemare‏

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) – Geneviève Bellemare‏ sounds slightly reticent over the phone. The Canadian-born songstress who recently released her debut EP, Live and Die, sounds hesitant, as if unsure of how much she should reveal to a complete stranger. She takes her time, choosing her words carefully; but when she hits upon an idea that sparks something … Continue reading

Concert Review: Vintage Trouble @ Lee’s Palace

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) – It was in 1885 when Nietzsche proclaimed that God is dead. Similarly, earlier this year, a figure no less august than Gene Simmons declared that rock is finally dead. While there are those amongst us who wouldn’t be too heartbroken to read the last rites over their copy of Love Gun, the audience who were in attendance … Continue reading

Concert Review + Photos: Ty Segall, La Luz @ The Danforth Music Hall

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) – “Prolific” is one of the first words that come to mind when you mention Ty Segall. The 27-year-old San Francisco native has established himself as garage rock royalty by cranking out a steady stream of bracing, hard-bitten albums that occasionally come off as raw, unedited portraits of a wunderkind doing his thing. It’s as … Continue reading

The Best is Yet to Come: A Conversation with Hawksley Workman

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) –   From Bob Dylan’s paradigm shifting love affair with electricity to David Bowie’s transformation from baroque rock star into androgynous space creature, popular music seems to attract restless innovators who have introduced new modes of artistic expression into our collective vocabulary. Here in Canada, Hawksley Workman has been going through his own quiet revolution. His creative … Continue reading

Concert Review: Moe @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) – Jam band circuit veterans Moe’s show on Tuesday night at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club was a bit of a personal milestone for me. They had opened for Bob Dylan in 2000 at the Molson Amphitheatre, which happened to be my first real concert experience after immigrating to Canada. Wide-eyed and innocent as I was … Continue reading

Album Review: Youth Decay – “Older Fatter Drunker”

By: Anan Rahman (@anan_ra) –       There was a time in the not too distant past when all the bands coming out of Canada seemed to have thirteen full-time members who were all hell-bent on making Phil Spector cower behind his wall of sound. It was good while it lasted, but lately it seems that the … Continue reading

Album Review: Imogen Heap – “Sparks”

By: Anan Rahman –       What sets apart Imogen Heap’s latest album Sparks beyond an ostensible collection of lush, post-modern pop songs is Heap’s truly panoramic breadth of vision. The album was painstakingly assembled over four years, featuring snippets of crowd-sourced audio bites, Bhutanese dranyens (when was the last time you heard that in a pop song?), and Heap’s … Continue reading

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