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Album Review: The Last Internationale – “We Will Reign”

By: Robert Liwanag –      Being a political band today can be incredibly difficult. It’s harder for artists to express anything worthwhile, and easier to express misguided sentiments. Political bands also have the added pressure of wanting to be serious, and taken seriously, without coming across like self-righteous wannabe rebels. To make matters worse, … Continue reading

Concert Review: The Weeknd, Schoolboy Q, Jhené Aiko @ Molson Amphitheatre

By: Robert Liwanag – Abel Tesfaye didn’t toil away like most artists do – he went from mysterious figure posting tracks onto YouTube to singular figure in R&B in a relatively short time period. It did, however, take some time for the Weeknd to build a reputation as a live act. How can you possibly replicate such dark, intimate, moody sounds in a larger, rowdier … Continue reading

Album Review: The Tea Party – “The Ocean at the End”

By: Robert Liwanag –     On The Ocean at the End, Canadian rock trio The Tea Party faced a dilemma as a band re-entering music whether to follow the trends of contemporary music, reinvent its sound, or stick to what it knows best. They chose the latter (arguably the riskier decision for a band that’s been … Continue reading

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