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Interview: Peter Engel Talks Meeting John Lennon, “Saved By The Bell” in 2016, and Visiting The White House

By: Samantha Lapierre – Peter Engel has a lot of stories to tell. The famed Saved by the Bell producer and writer has over 40 years of industry experience under his belt, along with his fair share of heartbreaks and triumphs. In his new memoir, I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams The Do … Continue reading

Spice Girls, Feminism, and Me

By: Samantha Lapierre – The Spice Girls released their first album, Spice, 20 years ago today. I was pretty young when I was first introduced to them, but I remember being absolutely fascinated with the music video for “Wannabe”. Their outfits were colourful, they were dancing on tables, and they just didn’t care. Over the years I … Continue reading