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Concert Review: Coachella 2013 – Weekend 1 – Sunday – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ghost B.C., Nick Cave + More

By: Scott Penner – Swedish doom metal band Ghost, who recently had to change their name while touring in the USA to Ghost B.C., was one of the first big acts of the day. Playing the Coachella Stage in ridiculous 30°C+ heat, they walked on stage wearing black from head to toe. Not only were … Continue reading

Concert Review: Coachella 2013 – Weekend 1 – Saturday – Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand, Violent Femmes + More

By: Scott Penner – Saturday began slowly at the Sahara tent with Been Trill, who was more interested in checking their cell phones than producing an entertaining show for the albeit small crowd.  Perhaps at this point we’ve taken for granted when acts at Coachella push the limits and use the opportunity to impress the crowd. Saskatoon native Jordan … Continue reading

Concert Review: Coachella 2013 – Weekend 1 – Friday – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, How To Destroy Angels, Passion Pit, Nick Cave + More

By: Scott Penner – This year saw not only the addition of a new EDM stage ‘Yuma’ but also an impressive expansion to the current EDM stage ‘Sahara’.  We were also given a bigger ‘Gobi’ stage, which puts it more inline with the size of the ‘Mojave Tent’ to allow more optimal viewing from the … Continue reading


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