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Album Review: Yungblud – “21st Century Liability”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –       As evidenced by his latest musical compilation, it’s clear that with Dominic Harrison at the artistic helm, an introductory hello can just as synonymously be linked to a parting farewell. In fact, this is so much the case that the very first track on Yungblud’s debut album, 21st Century Liability (out … Continue reading

Album Review: Jill Barber – “Metaphora”

By: Sasha Lindsay –       Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jill Barber will release a new album titled Metaphora on June 22 via Outside Music. This solo effort explores new stylistic territory for Barber (a multiple Juno nominee) as it veers into a more contemporary pop sound. Barber is known for mellifluous vocals that merge well with … Continue reading

Album Review: Iyves – “Chromatic”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –       What’s old is new. At least, it appears that way where popular trends are concerned. However, aviator sunglasses and pixie haircuts aside, this revolving cycle can yield exciting products in unexpected areas. Expanding beyond the obvious fashion scene, modern music is yet another area in which past inspiration has … Continue reading

Album Review: Calpurnia – “Scout”

By: Sasha Lindsay –     Calpurnia will release their debut EP Scout on June 15th via Royal Mountain Records. There is vibrancy to the Vancouver-based quartet, an indie-rock band formed in 2017. Lead singer/guitarist Finn Wolfhard (who plays the character Mike Wheeler on Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things), Ayla Tesler-Mabe (lead guitarist), Jack Anderson (bassist) and  Malcolm Craig (drums) … Continue reading

Album Review: Mazzy Star – “Still”

By: Sasha Lindsay –     The somnolent Californian, dream pop band Mazzy Star will cast their spell again. After four years, the band known for their hypnotic, ambient sound will release Still, an EP consisting of four tracks out on June 1st via Rhymes Of An Hour Records. If Mazzy Star had a musical philosophy, its … Continue reading

Album Review: CHVRCHES – “Love Is Dead”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –     Since the release of their second album nearly three years ago, Scottish synthpop band, CHVRCHES, have been busy dropping breadcrumbs of sorts to eager fans. With a steadfast determination to protect their moody-punk meets cheery-pop identity against unwanted prodding, the trio have worked as solitary musicians and enacted a somewhat … Continue reading

Album Review: Courtney Barnett – “Tell Me How You Really Feel”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –       At only 30 years of age, Courtney Barnett has already reached the prized status of an international icon. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, this singer/songwriter’s signature bold mash-up style has been a fiery catalyst for her blossoming career. In just six short years, Barnett’s racked up an impressive musical pedigree … Continue reading

Album Review: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – “Sparkle Hard”

By: Sasha Lindsay –       After a four-year wait, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks’ new album, Sparkle Hard will be released on May 18th via Matador. And here’s an added bonus – a ten minute short-film, Sparkle Hard: The Movie (available now), which features a behind the scenes look into Malkmus’ creative process in … Continue reading

Album Review: The National Reserve – “Motel La Grange”

By: Tucker Pennington –     Despite refining their sound in the bars of Brooklyn, The National Reserve’s music is indebted to genres that span the country. Wurlitzer pianos and electric organs are combined with bluesy guitars creating a timeless Americana combination. The songs of Motel La Grange (out May 11th via Ramseur Records) ebb and flow through … Continue reading

Album Review: Jon Hopkins – “Singularity”

By: Jessica Nakamoto –       Time and time again, Jon Hopkins has found himself in good company. Whether it was working closely with big names such as Coldplay, Brian Eno, or King Creosote, there was a clear indication of talent in the works when it came to this British phenom. However, it wasn’t until … Continue reading