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Interview: Jessy Lanza talks “Oh No”, collaborations, and overcoming anxiety

By: Lucy Sky – 2 016 Polaris Music Prize short-lister Jessy Lanza’s new album, Oh No, is addressed to her own constant nervousness. The pressure of music making, which used to calm her nerves, has led to a whole new world of contingencies that stoke the anxiety mill. The exclamation ‘Oh No’, for Lanza marks yet another … Continue reading

Album Review: Autre Ne Veut Delivers Nouveau R&B Sensibilities With Sophomore Album ‘Anxiety’

By: Alex Lee – Modern R&B has outgrew its archaic formula with a surprisingly fertile foundation, one wavering between ‘90s sensuality and the avant tropes of Animal Collective. With its visceral appeal to indie turfs, a much more experimental mold has veered into the genre. It is often lascivious, taking familiar cues from the extremes … Continue reading