Spice Girls

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Interview: Mel B on Sex, Drugs, Abuse & Her Epic Healing Journey

By: Allison Kugel– Melanie Brown aka Mel B has reigned supreme as the spiciest of her bandmates since bursting onto the entertainment scene as Scary Spice in 1996 with the group’s #1 hit “Wannabe”. With her wild hair, piercings and a raucous personality to match, she instantly began making headlines, and she never stopped. Her … Continue reading

Spice Girls, Feminism, and Me

By: Samantha Lapierre – The Spice Girls released their first album, Spice, 20 years ago today. I was pretty young when I was first introduced to them, but I remember being absolutely fascinated with the music video for “Wannabe”. Their outfits were colourful, they were dancing on tables, and they just didn’t care. Over the years I … Continue reading