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See Andrew Bird and make yourself a memory

By: Chris D’Alessandro –

Andrew Bird on July 19 at Echo Beach in Toronto. (Photo: Chris D'Alessandro/Aesthetic Magazine)

Andrew Bird on July 19 at Echo Beach in Toronto. (Photo: Chris D’Alessandro/Aesthetic Magazine)

Chicago-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird created an experience Thursday night that you couldn’t help but feel apart of as he took the stage to support his latest album Break It Yourself.

His opening act, Canadian folk singer-songwriter Basia Bulat, took the stage in what she described as her first hometown show in more than a year. She seamlessly glided through nearly two albums of material including tracks from her most recent record, 2010’s Heart of My Own which was a long listed nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize.

Bird then took the stage in what was a two hour set. Talent doesn’t sum this guy up. He started rocking one of the best violin solos I’ve ever heard. Granted, I haven’t heard many violin solos, but this guy could move mountains with that thing.

After his full band joined him on stage, Bird took the role of multi-instrumentalist, often alternating between the xylophone, the violin and a variety of his patented whistles.  His music is a summer night’s wet dream.

If you were standing on a beach in the middle of a cool summer night watching Bird entertain a crowd of the ‘hippest’ people in Toronto and owned a functioning heart, you wouldn’t be able to help but enjoy the moment either.

It’s one of those ‘capture the moment’ type of concerts. It’s not one of those ‘get-way-too-drunk and piss away the night’ sort of deals. It’s something to be savored, enjoyed and appreciated.

Even if you weren’t of a fan of Bird prior to the show, his innate ability for intricate, yet completely relatable storytelling would make you a convert in no time.

As I walked away from the beach, the cool summer breeze going through my hair and the smell of beer and the docks as I thought about texting someone to let them know just how much they might like Andrew Bird. I had the best burrito I’d ever eaten, bought an unreasonably price Coke and took the train home, all the happier for the experience.


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