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Concert Review: Amos the Transparent Say Goodbye And Look Forward In Ottawa

By: Calum Slingerland –

Dan Hay (far left), Mark Hyne (center) and James Nicol (right) of Amos the Transparent. (Photo: Calum Slingerhand/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Dan Hay (far left), Mark Hyne (center) and James Nicol (right) of Amos the Transparent. (Photo: Calum Slingerhand/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Ottawa natives Amos the Tranparent’s show at Mavericks Bar last Friday proved to be a memorable point in their career with longtime guitarist and vocalist Mark Hyne’s announcement that it was his final show with the band, leaving his post to spend more time with his family.

During the venue’s “Indie Rock Christmas Party” Hyne told the audience “I’ve been thinking about what to say at this moment for the past three months, but I’ve been in this band for six years and I can’t even explain what I’ve experienced with these lads for the past six years. It has been nothing more than magical.”

Leading off the evening were celebrated Wakefield, Quebec act The Strain. Sonically, the group’s output sounded like the result of locking Metric, Silversun Pickups, and The Killers in a room together and seeing what happened. Lead guitarist and vocalist David Taggart kept a strong command of the audience’s attention throughout the entire set, while bandmate and sister Rylee Taggart put on an absolutely mesmerizing synth performance with dancy, captivating songs such as “Rawr” and “Make It”, both off their most recent Hush Hush EP. Drummer Alex Serre and bassist Nick Johnston made up a rhythm section that drove the band through it’s set, covering the gamut in terms of influences with their unique blend of pop, rock, and electronic music.

Ottawa locals The Gallop were next up, entertaining the crowd with a very groovy set drawing on jazz, folk, and rock stylings. The trio of guitarists David Gervais, Michael Holmes, and PJ Catsiyannis carried the band through each intricate, vivid number they chose to play, largely drawing from their debut untitled EP which was released in July.



With the bar nearly filled to capacity, headliners Amos the Transparent opened their set with a quaint duet between guitarist/vocalist Johnathan Chandler and keyboard player Kate Sargent, covering the classic holiday tune “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” As the rest of the musicians quietly took their places behind the two, the band kicked things into high gear with a powerful, rocking rendition of “Sure as the Weather” off their most recent record Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart.

The crowd absolutely loved Amos, with the group leading and encouraging sing-alongs to fan favorites such as “(Here’s To) New Beginnings” from Everything I’ve Forgotten to Forget, and “Up and Out” from Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart. With the final song in the set, Hyne and the band played their song “Greater than Consequence” off their My What Big Teeth You Have EP, in which a mob of fans, friends, and crew gathered on stage to sing the song’s closing verse, “I was meant to go alone.” Amos the Transparent truly delivered an inspiring performance, with a set full of favourites both old and new and a fitting finish to Hyne’s tenure within the group.



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