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Concert Review: Method Man Brings The Pain To Toronto’s Sound Academy

By: Adam Harrison –

Method Man in Toronto. January 10th, 2013. (Photo: Adam Harrison/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Method Man in Toronto. January 10th, 2013. (Photo: Adam Harrison/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

The W’s were up in the air Thursday night when Grammy Award winner Method Man invaded Toronto’s Sound Academy.

Opening the evening was 17-year-old Toronto rap phenom, Raz Fresco, who brought  enthusiasm and charisma to the audience as he paced the stage rockin’ a bomber and a ball cap. A member of Bakers Club, Fresco blasted into a freestyle over Dj Premier’s (Gang Starr) infamous “The Enemy.” His set consisted primarily of self-produced tracks including several songs from his CakeyPocket$ mixtape, which was released in May 2012, including “Tdot Piffery,” “Motive$,” “Blaze,” and “And It Don’t Stop.”

Best known as one-ninth of the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man looked right at home in Canada when he hit the stage, wearing a heavy vest and Canada Goose aviator hat. He frantically opened his set with “Release Yo’ Delf” from his debut solo album, Tical. By the second song, Meth was already in the crowd getting intimate for his smash hit “Bring the Pain” from the same album.

Meth frequently mentioned his love for Toronto, especially it’s weed, which the audience reciprocated by lighting up joints throughout the venue. He even shared a few puffs on stage. The only complaint he had about Canada was our strict customs regulations. He told a short story that ended with him standing up in the middle of a customs office and yelling the famous Wu-Tang line, “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit,” which was followed by the song of the same name.

Throughout his set, Meth gave the crowd a taste of his entire career on record, as he spit some of the most widely acclaimed lyrics of the past three decades. But it was the Wu-Tang Clan classics that stirred up the most chaos, which made it fitting that he ended his 75-minute set with “C.R.E.A.M.” from Wu-Tang’s debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Method Man instinctively knows how to rally his troops and the ecstatic over-capacity crowd demonstrated that New York is wherever you are.


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