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Concert Review: Flume, Tokimonsta, Touch Sensitive @ The Opera House

By: Sasha Kalra (@sashakalra) –



On Thursday night, the Opera House played host to a truly impressive spectacle that featured a diverse, inspiring lineup of performers. The combination of Australian electronic musicians and a funky LA native illumnated the Opera House for a show that was memorable.

The first thing that struck you about show opener Touch Sensitive was that he wasn’t just playing tunes from a laptop. He had a complex set up and was actually playing a bass while DJing. The doors opened early for a show of this nature and Touch Sensitive promptly began playing right at 9pm. The venue filled up throughout his performance and despite the lack of numbers, he remained in control of the crowd as they vibed out to his endearing brand of groovy electronic music. He ended his set by playing his most popular song to date, “Pizza Guy”. To say it was well received would be an understatement.

Tokimonsta was up next and the Opera House was at capacity by the time she got on the decks. The historic venue can captivate an audience when it’s packed and Thursday was no different. Tokimonsta took the bar that Touch Sensitive had set and raised it exponentially.

She threw down her unique brand of electronic music weaving in crowd favourites like “212” and the “Versace” remix. She had an incredible command of the crowd and it seemed like she picked up a thing or two after touring across Canada last summer on the Full Flex Express tour alongside Diplo andSkrillex. Her transitions were smooth and calculated. Her use of her controller was unbelievable and she had the venue in the palm of her hand. She departed to the adulation of the masses and immediately tweeted that she was heading to The Hoxton later that evening to play another set. Everyone immediately knew where he or she was going after the show.

The modern concert is intended to follow a ‘good, better, best’ pattern. Music fans can attend a venue and have their experience get better as the night progresses and the acts change. Shows can often deviate from this basic structure and one can leave feeling let down or disappointed. It sounds simple, but the occasions that follow this structure are often the most memorable and epic of nights.

Flume’s performance ensured that the attendants would leave the venue more than satisfied. Harley Streten started this project a couple of years ago and his stock is rapidly rising. The 21-year-old incorporated a drum into his setup and the stick he wielded resembled the baton of an orchestra conductor. He played most of his memorable set from Boiler Room London and then took the elated crowd on a journey through his entire back catalogue, including remixes.

Flume’s music drenched The Opera House in pools of sweat , but none of that mattered, however, as people carelessly flailed their arms as they figured out different ways to dance to Flume’s style of music. They were too busy enjoying the night and the best reactions when he played “Insane” and his remix of Disclosure’s hit, “You and Me”. He even had time to incorporate a couple of songs from his side project What So Not which him and fellow Sydney producer Chris Emerson began recently.

The word “epic” is overused and it’s likely that most people are desensitized to it at this point, however, every single act, motion, song and movement made sense, and nothing felt out of place.


One thought on “Concert Review: Flume, Tokimonsta, Touch Sensitive @ The Opera House

  1. Tokimonsta had an awesome set. I want that versace remix!! Anyone know what it’s called?

    Posted by Mark | September 6, 2013, 7:21 pm

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