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Concert Preview: Riot Fest To Invade Chicago’s Humboldt Park This Weekend

By: Jessica Manzilla –


Arguably one of the most highly anticipated fests this year in Chicago, Riot Fest even decided to give Lollapalooza a run for their money with the big names they drew. From the moment the show poster was officially revealed, the world of social media was a buzz and frantic to get their hands on tickets to this once in a lifetime opportunity. There is a bit of something for everyone on that list from Blondie to All Time Low, to local heroes such as The Smoking Popes and Fall Out Boy.

Riot Fest is not your average concert it’s an event. Attached to the grounds one can find a real carnival. Rides, Ferris wheel, food and more in a kid friendly environment. Children five and under can event attend Riot Fest free.

Up until the actual day of the first show, the Riot Fest twitter (@RiotFest), which has been the source of hilarious tweets for the past few weeks, is giving away tickets to hopefuls unable to score passes otherwise. If you are among the lucky to attend, here’s a short list of must-sees this year in no particular order.

The Replacements:

Probably the most talked about reunion at Riot Fest Toronto since it was their first performance in 22 years; they will take the stage in Chicago to re-live their midwestern heyday. Pioneers of alternative rock, you can expect to hear “Tommy Got His Tonsils Out” to “Merry Go Round.” Playing: Sunday, Sept 15.




The iconic Boston-based alternative rock quartet, who recently lost long-time bassist Kim Deal, will perform in the U.S. for the first time in two years over the weekend. They have influenced some of the biggest names in rock including Nirvana and Radiohead. In light of this reunion, Pixies have released a 4 track EP of new material that can be found on their website (pixiesmusic.com). Playing: Sunday, Sept 15.



Public Enemy:

Although Flava Flav has become a larger than life character all on his own, Public Enemy is still only the forth hip-hop act to make it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Their politically charged tracks, like “Fight The Power” and “Bring The Noise” made them a stand out among other acts of their time. Expect a raw, high-energy performance. Playing: Saturday, Sept 14.



The Dear Hunter: 

You will find a perfect blend of indie and harmony in the set of Providence, Rhode Island-based indie rock quartet The Dear Hunter. Thus far, the band has had a concept and inspiration to tell a story through their music, however their new album Migrant, out April 2nd via Equal Vision Records, strays away from that thought process. With Migrant written on piano that is likely to be the focal point during their performance. Playing: Saturday, Sept, 14.



Andrew W.K: 

Andrew W.K.: Metal infused party rock is Andrew W.K.’s specialty. He’s gone from warped tour to headlining some of the biggest venues in the country. Not only does he have a cult following, he can put on a show as big as some of the most prestigious pop royalty in the business. There’s only one philosophy to adopt when watching Andrew W.K. “Party Hard!”. Playing: Friday, Sept, 13. 



Each day’s line up can be found on the official website for Riot Fest (riotfest.org) along with FAQs and availability on single day tickets. Now, you can also bring refillable water bottles. Everything is in line to make this one of the biggest concert events of the year. With proper planning can it live up to the hype? We will see this weekend!


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