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Concert Review + Photos: Wavves, King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys @ The Opera House

By: Shelby Monita (@shelbymonita) –

Wavves. (Photo: Jason Hodgins/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Wavves. (Photo: Jason Hodgins/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

As September wraps up, The Opera House in Toronto hosted Wavves, King Tuff, and Jacuzzi Boys last night for a chaotically fun show.

The last weekend of September ended with a band for those in Toronto who made it to the Opera House for California’s Wavves.

Miami, Florida-based band Jacuzzi Boys, who released their third self-titled LP on September 10th via Hardly Art, opened the show and this young three piece played hard and fast to the mostly teenage crowd. Though only a trio, their sound was huge and they gave it their all with every song. Garage rock with some dreamy vocals and hard-hitting beats, it was no shock that nearing the end of their set, the, then small crowd began the first mosh pit of the night. Jacuzzi Boys set the tone with a mixture of new tracks like “Domino Moon” and “Rubble” and older songs like “Glazin’” and after this it was obvious to everyone that this night was going to get chaotic.

The middle child in the three-band line up was King Tuff, another three-piece with a love for punk, rock n roll soul and positive, summer-of-love attitude. King Tuff, who is fronted by Kyle Thomas, began their set with a song from their self-titled album called “Anthem”, and with a psychedelic flag, decorated in Americana red, white and blue and a cartoon portrait of Thomas, it set the stage behind these three men.

As the crowd danced and moshed, it seemed like everyone was there to see King Tuff just as much as they were there to see headlining act, Wavves. Who could blame them if that were the case? Once their most well-known song, “Keep On Movin’”, began, the crowd stepped it up a notch and the stage diving began. This rowdy act continued as more and more teens jumped off the stage and left their fate to the hands of strangers. When King Tuff saw this, their smiles got bigger and increased their energy on stage, they loved the pep these rambunctious kids were showing, and at one point Thomas even pointed out how much Toronto rules. As well, Thomas made it known on social media that he, handmade sun medallion necklaces that he handed out throughout the tour to fans that proved their worth. At this show, the medallion was given to a petite teenage girl who stage dived more than all the others. Thomas asked her up to the stage and said to her as he bestowed the necklace “do you promise to be a rock n roll soldier for the rest of your life? Do you promise to use it for good and only good?” When the fan agreed she lit up and everyone else became immensely jealous. King Tuff finished their 45-minute set with “Bad Thing”, which concluded an already impressive show, even more so given that fact that they weren’t headlining.

By the time headliners, Wavves, hit the stage, the audience was like a five-year-old after too much sugar: hyper, care free, rebellious and not a care in the world for anyone but them. The crowd surfing continued, though this time when the fans got on stage, a lot of them had no sense that a band was playing, and, you know, using microphones and guitars, as the fans walked into both. At one point a girl dressed in the latest Abercrombie & Finch summer fashion attempted to take a selfie with her phone on stage before she jumped into the crowd. After this, frontman, Nathan Williams called her out, with a warning, letting everyone know if someone were to attempt that again he would throw the phone. Though that didn’t stop this possible Instagram addict from getting back on stage, this time with a friend in hand to try to get a photo of the both of them. When Williams saw this he looked incredibly pissed off, grabbed her phone and threw it across the stage. When she went to retrieve it, she picked it up and, yes, took a selfie. Then one more time, made her way on the stage, jumped in the crowd and while crowd surfing took another self-indulgent selfie. If you were to look at Wavves Twitter feed after the show, you can read for yourself how pissed off the band was.

About half way through the set it was obvious that the crowd was getting tired of the two hours of moshing. If you looked over from the balcony you saw that the audience stopped attempting to catch people and just let them fall, even the one guy who did a back flip off an amp, twice. They’re mostly all teenagers, they’ll get the hang of it eventually, just give them a bit more time and a few more bruises. As for the band themselves, this was the biggest crowd they had ever played in Toronto, though it didn’t faze them. The entire show was high energy and filled with fan favourites like “King of the Beach”, Afraid of Heights”, “Sail to the Sun” and the new song from the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack, “9 is God”. With little talking and stopping between, the songs blended into one massive California pop-rock explosion on stage. The band had no encore, a trend that a lot of younger bands seem to follow lately.

Overall, both the bands and the crowd gave it their all. A few bad apples didn’t ruin the bunch and when the night was over everyone had a smile on their face. We can only hope that this night taught a few lessons to the younger generation who want to make their way into the pop punk arena.

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