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Amnesia Rockfest Announces Major Changes to 2014 Edition

By: Staff –

Amnesia Rockfest Montebello President and Founder, Alex Martel. (Photo: Scott Penner/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Amnesia Rockfest Montebello President and Founder, Alex Martel. (Photo: Scott Penner/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Amnesia Rockfest Montebello, which struggled in 2013 due to several major problems, announced at a press conference yesterday in Gatineau, Que, the signing of an agreement with the Quebec City Summer Festival as well as several major changes to its 2014 edition. Thus, the Quebec City Summer Festival, through its sister company 3E-event-emotion experience, will be responsible for production and logistics of the 9th edition of Rockfest to be held from June 20-21 2014.

“I am very pleased to be partnering with the Festival d’été de Québec and the changes we make to the festival in 2014. I am confident that they will bring the Rockfest at the desired level because we want to create an event worthy of our programming. We invest huge sums of money and taking the steps thatare needed to effectively manage the growth that knows the event in recent years. We are committed to surpass the good logistics course of the first seven editions,” said Alex Martel, Amnesia Rockfest Montebello President and Founder.

“We are pleased to bring Alex Martel, a young man working, passionate and visionary, our collaboration and expertise so that it can offer a high quality event to the public,” said Daniel Gélinas, CEO of Festival Quebec Summer and 3E.

In addition, the Rockfest enlists the participation of the firm P. Miron Consultants, who specializes in the logistics field, a major player in the success of several festivals in the region such as RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest, the Ottawa Folk Festival and the Ottawa Marathon.

Considering the less-than-organized festival that was 2013 Rockfest, which included overflowing public toilets, long lines, and slow bus shuttle service, which made the area surrounding the concert site look like a landfill, this news will be music to the ears of the 160,000 that attended last year.

Overview of Changes to the 2014 Rockfest:

  • Bracelets-mailed in advance, with a RFID (bracelet chip) technology;
  • Expansion and reconfiguration of the festival grounds;
  • Significantly Improved sanitation facilities (toilets, water, garbage, cleaning);
  • Complete Redesign of parking and shuttle system;
  • Improved sound from the main stage and adding LED screens;
  • Artists paid-emerging and opening different scenes rather than on a separate stage.

“We are very motivated to take up the challenge given to us by the Rockfest. For us it is an honor to work with the biggest festival in Ottawa and to bring our expertise, “said Colin Laramée-Plouffe, President and founder of Orkestra.

“As the new mayor of Montebello and fervent supporter of Rockfest, I greet loudly the many changes in the organization of this year’s event. These initiatives confirm the seriousness of the organizers and their commitment to providing a world-class event to the participants. Montebello City Council supports and will support all initiatives that will make the festival more welcoming, innovative and structured for years to come. We offer our full cooperation to Alex and his team,” said Luc Ménard, mayor ofMontebello.

The full announcement of the program and the sale of tickets will be held at the end of winter.

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