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Concert Review + Photos: Weezer @ Powerade Centre

By: Curtis Sindrey (@SindreyCurtis) –

Weezer. (Photo: Stephen McGill/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Weezer. (Photo: Stephen McGill/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

2,500 Weezer fans braved the cold yesterday afternoon at Powerade Centre in Brampton to catch the LA-based pop-rockers in person, who were in town to celebrate the opening of a new Microsoft store at Square One in Mississauga.

Lacking an opener, the 5,000 capacity arena erupted with “My Name Is Jonas”, from 1994’s The Blue Album, which still carried the same energy as when it was first performed in the ‘90s. “Our name is Weezer. What’s up kids? Let’s do a rock show”, said frontman Rivers Cuomo, as they burst into “Perfect Situation”, from 2005’s Make Believe. A grunge-like heaviness permeated the song, while the “oh oh” refrain created a special sing-along moment between Cuomo and the crowd.

During the final moments of “Surf Wax America”, Weezer treated the crowd to a Beach Boys-inspired harmony section before blasting into the final chorus of “You take your car to work – I’ll take my board – and when you’re out of fuel – I’m still afloat”. Cuomo and co. delivered the alt-rock energy that the Brampton crowd wanted, especially during “Keep Fishin”, from 2002’s Maladroit, when Cuomo teased the crowd with each note as he creeped close to the barricade.

Despite the -20 weather outside, the happy-go-lucky pop song “Island In The Sun” delivered its summery vibes, as several beach balls flew onto the stage and throughout the crowd, but as the warm tones of the album version dissipated, Cuomo’s guitar tone took a darker, almost sinister sound along with a heavy bass line from Scott Shriner.

As the latter half of their set approached, drummer Patrick Wilson stepped from behind the drum kit and took the role of frontman for two songs, as Cuomo took on drumming duties. The first of which was “Photograph”, from 2001’s The Green Album, and finally a cover of Blur’s massive hit “Song 2”, which contained the same youthful energy as the original, and which prompted a massive singalong with the catchy “woo-hoo” refrain.

Weezer concluded their set with a two-song encore of “Memories”, from 2010’s Hurley, and the ultra classic “Buddy Holly”, from their 1994’s The Blue Album, which served as a strong ending to the show.

While this show was a stark contrast to last summer’s performance at Toronto’s Downsview Park, which saw them perform The Blue Album in its entirety, it did supremely well at satisfying both casual and hardcore Weezer fans alike. However, withstanding the release of new material or nostalgia tours, their dedicated fan-base may have to settle for promotional tie-in events regardless of authenticity.


1. My Name Is Jonas
2. Hash Pipe
3. El Scorcho
4. Perfect Situation
5. Troublemaker
6. Surf Wax America
7. Keep Fishin’
8. The Good Life
9. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams (Instrumental Interlude)
10. Island in the Sun
11. Beverly Hills
12. Dope Nose
13. Say It Ain’t So
14. (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
15. Pork and Beans
16. Undone (Sweater Song)
17. Photograph 
(Patrick Wilson on vocals)
18. Song 2 
(Blur cover)

19. Memories
20. Buddy Holly



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