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Album Review: Owlle – ‘France’

By: Krista Hessey –

Is there room for one more dreamy-voiced, synth-backed pop artist with an edgy haircut in the music industry?  Sure, because with every “playlist of the week” or “song of the day” post on Pitchfork or any other music blog imaginable, people are always searching for a new source of talent whether it is entirely unique or not (See Lorde’s younger sister India spotlight moment). This hot-today-and-gone-tomorrow is not a new phenomenon in the slightest, but as electropop cup continues overflows, only a few hard-hitters will remain.

Owlle’s rise to fame came about in this fashion. The French scarlet burst into the electropop scene in 2012 with the release of her Ticky Ticky EP and is now attempting to etch her name into the industry with the release of her debut album France. Her music is melancholy, yet entirely danceable, packaged in a fashionable mirage of electropop; dream pop to be more exact. Her breathy voice, light, euphoric-melodies and catchy hooks make Owlle a perfect pop sensation and France ultimately addictive.

Kin of experimental electro and hip hop movement of the ‘90s; Owlle meshes spacey, atmospheric tones with her voice actively smeared with reverb and auto-tune.

Off the 11-track album “Fog” and “My Light is Gone” stand out. “Please make me get close to you/ close to you” Owlle sings breathlessly beneath heavy layering, and splashy drum breaks in “Fog”. “My Light is Gone” is a more emotive song about being misunderstood, loneliness and giving up on expression, though presented with an up-tempo spin; a theme that resonates throughout the album. Owlle’s strength lies in her ability to express emotion without becoming too weighty. “Your Eyes” and “Don’t Lose It” are straight-up love songs—and not necessarily the happiest of kinds—though you end up bobbing you head or swaying to the music. This embrace of fast-tempo, electronic pumps, and openhearted lyrics is what will make Owlle stick around.

Essential tracks: “Fog”, “My Light Is Gone” and “Don’t Lose It”.


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