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CMW 2014 Portrait Series: Marissa Dattoli of Crystalyne

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) and Ted Belton (photos) –


Toronto art school alum Marissa Dattoli fronts pop-punk band, Crystalyne. The powerful vocalist sat down with us to answer questions about prepping for their CMW 2014 showcase on May 7th, the band’s upcoming southern Ontario tour, and more!

Elaisha Green: What shows are on your “must watch” list while you’re here for Canadian Music Week?

Marissa Dattoli: If I could, my top show to watch would be Tegan and Sara; I’ve never seen them live and I’ve been following them for a while now.

EG: Are there any Canadian artists that have been influential in your work?

MD: Yeah. Tegan and Sara obviously! In terms of songwriting, I find that their lyrics are so honest and to the point and their melodies are so different. They always get their point across; every record is like a new evolution for them. They grow and change. Mariana’s Trench [as well]. Our guitar player Josh has been following them a lot recently. We played with them a couple of years back now in Oshawa at the GM Center and it was a really awesome show.

EG: Do you have any memorable Canadian Music Week moments?

MD: Five years ago a lot of my friends’ bands were playing and I was in between musical projects and was really depressed watching them. Going from venue to venue, seeing these shows, it really relit that fire for me [to] find a group of guys that I really loved [and] to start something again.

EG: What can people expect from Crystalyne since releasing your second EP The Remedy?

MD: We put it out in November but this is our second tour for this release. We’ve been a band since summer 2011… we did a cross-Canada tour right away. The goal for this record is to head into a more mainstream [sound]. Before we were alittle bit more on the rock side. We kinda  just write how we feel and we’re all in a much happier place. What people can expect for us is touring as much as possible and writing songs in an upward direction. We’re looking to mature and change it up a little bit for our next release.

Crystalyne performs with D-Pryde, Aspire, Ben Zamora, and 1st Class tonight (May 7th) at Adelaide Hall. You can buy tickets here.

(Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our CMW 2014 portrait series. Stay tuned for portraits/interviews with The 1975, Born Ruffians, and more!)




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