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CMW 2014 Portrait Series: Hollerado

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) and Ted Belton (photos) –

Acclaimed Toronto-based pop-rock group Hollerado sat down with Elaisha Green of Aesthetic Magazine before their SiriusXM Indies performance on May 10th. Guitarist Nixon Boyd and drummer Jake Boyd reminisced about iconic venues, Canadian comedians that inspire their work, and more.

Elaisha Green: Were there any shows on your “Must-Watch” list during Canadian Music Week?

Nixon Boyd: No, we were on tour in Europe so we missed it all…

EG: Are there any Canadian Artists that have been influential in your work?

NB: Yeah definitely.

Jake Boyd: We were just talking about Kids in the Hall. You know,Canadian comedy.

JB: Early Jim Carey, Eugene Levy…John Candy I guess you’d have to throw in there as well.

NB: Absolutely. As far as Canadian acts, definitely Neil Young and more recently probably Sloan snuck in there a little bit.

JB: Younger bands like Pup.

NB: Yeah, bands today like Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, we’re trying to be as good as them. There’s so many Canadian bands… it’s hard to really choose.

EG: Any memorable CMW moments from past performances?

JB: We did the same Indies award show when it was at…the Royal York I guess? That would have been in 2011 or maybe 2010. But it was Dean’s [Baxter bass and vocals for Hollerado] birthday that day… so we ended up just partying in the hotel.

NB: But for that one we had played the morning before. Flew to New York, played a gig in New York then flew back to Toronto to play the Indies Award Show.

JB: So we were all super fried and that was actually the last gig of six in four days. One of them being in New York City.

NB: So I think that all of our memories of being at CMW is just being super fried and tired. I remember our first CMW playing at the Horseshoe and being completely unprepared from having going on tour and having to park blocks and blocks away and walking in a t-shirt through a snowstorm to the Horseshoe.

JB: Dragging amps through a foot of snow. It’s cool that they put it in May now. I’m really glad we could take part in it just in time to play the show ‘cause we love taking part and we really are [fans] of the bands playing tonight.

EG: What has been your favourite venue so far while touring?

JB: We just played a place called Paradiso in Amsterdam that’s really, really cool.

NB: It’s like a 500-year-old church. It’s been a venue for like 100 years now. The Rolling Stones played there…

JB: Nirvana did a show there.

NB: James Brown played there!

JB: That was such a beautiful building from the outside, such wonderful, kind, and hardworking staff. Aesthetically and acoustically, it’s hard to argue with a place like that. The show was fun and it was like “Yeah this is great”.



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