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Everything Under the Sunday Podcast – Episode 2: Folly & The Hunter’s Bigger Picture

By: Patrick Topping (@ptopp_ing) –

Everything Under The Sunday bring listeners one day closer to the weekend.

Everything Under The Sunday bring listeners one day closer to the weekend.

Everything Under the Sunday is a Sunday afternoon affair celebrating music & culture through a sunsetter frame-of-mind, at the Pacific Junction Hotel in Toronto. The Everything Under the Sunday podcast is an eclectic mix of music, live performances, guest DJ sessions and interviews with emerging artists, recording live on Girth Radio with host Patrick Topping, and presented on Aesthetic Magazine to bring listeners one day closer to the weekend.

On the 2nd episode of EUTS, Montréal’s indie-folk pop group Folly & The Hunter visited Girth Radio while they were in Toronto recording the follow-up to their 2013 release Tragic Care. Heartbreak and loss inspired the lyrical intimacy of Tragic Care, and fans around the world identified with the deeply personal material. Nick, Chris, Laurie, & Phil recounted memories from their recent tour in Europe & the UK, where the experience of connecting with audiences proved to be fertile ground for discovering expansive sources of creative and emotional inspiration. Their emergence as a band in Canadian independent music represents the opportunity to hone their sound further, and the challenge to delve deeper into the sonic landscapes of nuance, texture, and tone.

The band is still working on the new album so the details are fuzzy, but this fascinating glimpse into their creative process reveals a focused and purposeful group of artists crafting a wholly cohesive piece of work. At the end of the conversation, they also shared one of their favourite artists right now – a certain hazy Toronto outfit making waves this summer.

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