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Concert Review: The Glorious Sons @ The Hard Rock Cafe

By: Paula Reid –

The Glorious Sons.

The Glorious Sons.

As Kingston-based indie rock band The Glorious Sons burst into their new song “Man Made Man”, the lead-off track from their debut full-length album, The Union, (out September 16th via Black Box), the small crowd at The Hard Rock Cafe on August 28th, steps from the bustling Yonge-Dundas Square, held up their beers and let out a giant cheer to begin a great night of rock and roll.

As soon as lead singer Brett Emmons stepped on stage, his unwavering charisma hypnotized the crowd, as he twisted his body, and whipped his long hair as he drove the crowd into a frenzy. Hosting this show in an intimate venue like the Hard Rock Cafe provided a refreshing contrast to the band’s last Toronto appearance in April when they opened for The Trews at The Danforth Music Hall. Emmons commanded the smaller stage, while his piercing eyes and voice allowed the songs to grab the audience.

Each song’s backstory provided an instant connection with the lyrics. Hearing Emmons describe the inspiration behind a chorus or a hook brought a genuine charm that captured the room.

Notable examples were two new songs including “White Noise”, which as  Emmons said, “I never went to class, I didn’t bother”, explaining that he left Halifax to join the band and this was the first song they wrote together, and “Gordie”, which stemmed from Emmons’ anxiety issues and his self-doubt about “not being able to write a song as good as ”Mama”. After “Mama” was so well-received, the pressure weighed on him. These are things that everyone can relate to and showed Emmons’ vulnerability.

Overall, The Glorious Sons had a room filled with real support and the crowd showed it. The eleven tracks from The Union clearly weren’t enough when they announced when they announced their last song as an immediate boo from the crowd grew louder. The fun they were having on stage together reverberated through the room, and one can expect big things from this Kingston five-piece in the near future.


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