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Review + Photos: The Art of Elysium: Genesis @ Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

By: Krystyn Bristol –  

Soko. (Photo: Amy Graves/Getty)

Soko. (Photo: Amy Graves/Getty)

Art lovers flocked to the Ace Hotel of Downtown Los Angeles on September 5th to help celebrate the Art of Elysium: Genesis spotlight event. Shepard Fairey, Spike Jonze, Beck, Moby, Jakob Dylan, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O curated the street art event and concert in the newly refurbished venue.

The Art of Elysium, founded in 1997 by filmmaker Jennifer Howell, focuses on social change with artistic opportunities for striving artists and young people battling serious illnesses. The Genesis event showcased fine art, fashion, theatre, media, film, music, and more.

“This Genesis project is about doing something that makes the fundraising component less expensive than buying a seat at the gala,” Fairey told The Hollywood Reporter. “It makes interacting with these people, who are cultural heroes, as well as experiencing some new people they’re endorsing, a very accessible proposition.”

Fairey designated to guide street artist PUSH, known for his colorful murals, have been beautifying L.A. neighborhoods for years, with both artists being natives of the Los Angeles art scene. Fairey’s omnipresent “Obey” posters are worn and admired by millions, as well as his Obama “Hope” poster, which played a significant role in the 2008 election. Fairey, PUSH and other artists created artwork live outside of The Theatre at Ace Hotel and hundreds of gawking onlookers.

While live art installations took place outside of the event, pastry samples, free Coffee Bean coffee, an open bar, an array of art pieces, and more, filled the dimly-lit lobby of the hotel. Social gatherings took place on all floors of the venue and artists met and greeted others near their displays. From vinyl collage art to digital media and sculptures, there were a plethora of different themes and styles seen throughout the night.


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