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Concert Review + Photos: Kiehl’s Rock For Kids with Simple Plan @ The Hoxton

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) –

Québécois pop-punk quintet, Simple Plan took over The Hoxton in Toronto last night for an intimate show, which was broadcast live to viewers online. The band recently announced via their YouTube page that they were writing songs for an upcoming album.

Cargo shorts, striped shirts and spiky hair from the band’s breakout year in 2002 were replaced by a more mature look by the members who are now in their mid-30s. As drummer Chuck Comeau bowed out from the full set, frontman Pierre Bouvier poured over the crowd as he grazed fingers with their outstretched arms. With glimmers of former teen angst and rebellion the 60-minute performance included classics, “Perfect” and “I’d Do Anything” with bassist David Desrosiers singing backing vocals.

Free tickets to the show were available at Kiehl’s locations across the GTA last weekend. As lit smartphones waved in the air at The Hoxton, each click on the live stream banked the band’s Simple Plan Foundation for children $1.

Before closing the night with a bow, the crowd chanted along to Simple Plan’s recent charting hit, “Summer Paradise”. The group then left the stage to take selfies with excited fans in the dim venue.


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