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Album Review: Holy Oker – “Diamonds” EP

By: Brock Lewis –




Holy Oker.

On the debut synth-pop EP Diamonds from Holy OkerGreg Bevis, the drummer best known for his work with Bear Mountain, mixes dark lyrics with catchy hooks, proving his talent and passion through six tracks that evoke a sense of inspiration.

Holy Oker achieves a cinematic experience with his initial foray into pop music. Bevis strongly presents the themes of love and heartbreak throughout the EP, with a soothing mix of keyboards, drums, guitars, vinyl samples and a synth bass.

The first track “If I Go” introduces sensual, meaningful and passionate lyrics, telling a tale of love that can hit close to home for any listener. Through the lyrics, “And if I go I know that our love would not be enough,” Bevis reminisces about an old love that he misses or regrets with a catchy, but mellow beat.

Almost all of the songs on the EP have a similar meaning about love or romance, but track five “DOM” has a more unique sound from the rest of EP. Carrying the cinematic feel from the start with a peaceful opening of birds chirping and a mellow beat before Bevis’s soft, passionate voice brings chills to the spine with, “Honey I’m a fake machine, pistol whipped crumbling/ There’s someone in the yard / There creeping in and underneath in the back, in between / And tearing us apart”. As the drums begin to kick in, a relaxation sets in through Bevis’ voice and melody with a similar sound to Thom Yorke, but a lot slower.

The EP’s final track “Diamonds” is a strong portrayal of Bevis’ talents of a musician and continues the themes of love and devastation of heartbreak. The bright melody and dark lyrics, “So don’t be shy by giving him the credit that I worked for” and “Every time I loved you, but it wasn’t enough / I put away my pistol and bullets and my diamonds and stuff / But you’re gone” to finish the EP with strong emotion and power.

Bearing resemblance to a solo experimental project, Bevis portrays his strong feelings and emotions through dark lyrics, but is unable to differentiate meaning between each song. Holy Oker is Bevis’ first produced work in almost two years since Bear Mountain, and while the production ofthe EP is well done, the lyrics veer to the dark side of romance, and are too consistently similar in meaning.

Essential tracks: “If I Go”, “DOM”, “Diamonds”.


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