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Album Review: Shred Kelly – “Sing to the Night”

By: Ryan Maresca





Shred Kelly - "Sing to the Night"Shred Kelly’s new album Sing to the Night is cutting through the haze of indie folk rock with a wide variety of tones and moods that could please even the most uncompromising of listeners. Following the success of 2012’s In The Hills, fans of Shred Kelly craved their unique sound, and this album delivers with their best contribution to the genre.

Referencing The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, Shred Kelly provides listeners the nostalgic ‘feel of home’, portraying struggles, challenges, and successes of relationships. Songs like “Family Oh Family” bring a cheery, upbeat vibe, while “Move On” focuses on storytelling. The Canadian natives knows how to keep your foot tapping and head bobbing non-stop.

 When a somber song seems sure to continue a somber pace, it bursts open with a symphony, guitars, and banjos.

Gorgeous vocals accompany the acoustic palette and last song on the album; “Eyes Are Open”, which stands apart with an energetic, hearty plethora of strings right at the outset. They harmonize their lyrics almost to perfection as the pace quickens and the melodies jam into a heart pounding, jump up-and-down, utopia of indie folk rock.

As this genre continues to garner speed, Shred Kelly’s Sing to the Night breaks from the pack and demonstrates a fresh, distinct sound. With great consistency, compelling tone, and overall fantastic music, the album easily earns 4-stars.

Essential Tracks: “Family Oh Family”, “Move On,”, “Eyes Are Open”




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