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21 Things I Learned While Tripping on Acid at WayHome

By: Anonymous –

Wayhome Festival 2015. (Photo: Bryan Reid)

Wayhome Festival 2015. (Photo: Bryan Reid)

The inaugural Wayhome Music Festival is in the books with memorable performances from iconic Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young, rapper Kendrick Lamar, and UK crooner Sam Smith; alongside countless art installations and brand experiences. Here are the scribbled thoughts from one festivalgoer who tripped on acid over the course of a night while exploring the festival grounds.

  1. We are one.
  2. I connected with a higher intelligence – and reduced mine in the process.
  3. Despite what your dealer may say, mushrooms and LSD are two totally different drugs.
  4. Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.
  5. When travelling to other dimensions, always bring a co-space cadet.
  6. Time becoming non-linear means you can see your favourite band’s set twice.
  7. It’s hard to tell where the fireworks begin and the hallucinations end.
  8. Be nice to wastoids because we’ve all been there.
  9. Look at the trees.
  10. Don’t look at the trees.
  11. Water is good. Sometimes, also weird.
  12. If needed, use the non-VIP restrooms (AKA trees).
  13. Squeezing grapes is fun.
  14. Watch out for lumbering giants.
  15. Sometimes, the answer is both yes and no.
  16. A 4 a.m. marriage proposal at a music festival is a bad idea. (Sorry, Katie).
  17. Going to sleep before the sun rises is probably a good idea.
  18. It’s important to stay in touch with your inner (and biological) child.
  19. For some reason, my photos didn’t quite capture the experience (especially all the blurry ones).
  20. I will never forget/remember this night.
  21. Eventually, I found my Way Home.

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