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Photos/Review: Madonna @ SAP Center

By: Azucena Rasilla – 

Madonna performing at the SAP Center in San Jose on October 19, 2015. (Photo: Raymond Ahner/Aesthetic Magazine)

Madonna performing at the SAP Center in San Jose on October 19, 2015. (Photo: Raymond Ahner/Aesthetic Magazine)

There are iconic stars in the world of music, and one of those stars is without a doubt, Madonna, the undisputed queen of pop.

Madonna is currently promoting her thirteenth album Rebel Heart (out March 6th via Interscope), and she brought her majestic production to the SAP Center in San Jose, California on October 19th. Over 12,000 of her “rebels” flocked to see what the Rebel Heart tour was going to be all about.

It is almost impossible to believe that Madonna is well into her 50’s; her vocals were impressive. Everything that displayed on stage (from the dancers to the video screens, and the props) were nothing short of extraordinary.

Madonna has been a symbol of the LGBT community for decades now, as an advocate, and a voice for a community that has supported her (as she has supported them) throughout the years. So, it was no surprise on just how many of those fans were over the moon to be in her presence.

There was a lucky fan that got the chance to get on stage with Madonna and her dancers, shake his bum, and have a one on one conversation with her.

Rebel Heart is Madonna more musically & lyrically diverse effort. And, the tone of the tour explored precisely that. Whether Madonna was dancing on a makeshift pole, which resembled a cross, while provocatively dressed “nuns” paraded around her on stage. Or, dancers on beds in a sexually charged choreography. Madonna has no boundaries, and that is one of the reasons why she has remained relevant for over three decades, and why she is the crowned queen of pop.

But it was not just the marvelous choreography, the exotic dancers, or intricate costumes. Madonna also treated her fans to some much more intimate moments with her. The stripped version of “True Blue” and “La Vie En Rose” showcasedquite the outstanding vocals (for an artist that has been criticized for the lack of said vocals.)

Something that was missing from set list, the song “Like A Prayer.” Yes, Madonna has “Holy Water” on Rebel Heart, but songs such as “Like A Prayer” were defining in her career. She made up by including “Like A Virgin” (only one of the most iconic pop songs of a generation), “Material Girl” and “Holliday” which was the song that closed the show.

The Rebel Heart Tour “leg one” wraps up on October 29th in San Diego.

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