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Concert Review: The Tenors @ Air Canada Centre

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) –

The Tenors performing at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on November 24, 2015. (Photo: Brandon Newfield/Aesthetic Magazine)

The Tenors performing at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on November 24, 2015. (Photo: Brandon Newfield/Aesthetic Magazine)

The Tenors showed off their vocal prowess, and their fourth album, Under One Sky, during their return to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre last night.

The night was full of dedications. From songs to their mothers (Joe Cocker’s “You are So Beautiful”), fathers (“My Father’s Son”), wives and kids…all the way down to Doo Doo the Clown, who fended off an attacker for two women this week. Doo Doo even made an appearance at the concert for a song in full-clown garb. Clifton Murray’s angelic voice was light as he covered Bob Dylan’s “To Make you Feel My Love” dedicated to his new wife, Rachel. Fraser Walters’ backed his solo on the keyboard as he sang The Beatles’ “Something”.

Exciting moments included the stage burning red during the flurry of finger work on the guitar when Remigio Pereira performed Alma Del Fuego with show opener Pavlo. Another unexpected treat was the post-intermission performance as The Tenors’ voices crescendoed across the Air Canada Centre into a passionate cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever”. Band members Walters and Murray appeared in the crowd under a spotlight while Pereira, on the electric guitar and Victor Micallef, on the piano jammed on stage. The edgy rock opera was surprisingly a great fit for the troupe and was a great return from the intermission.

However, fans felt disconnected when they sang the pop songs from their new release. As classically trained singers, The Tenors lacked the edge needed to pull off contemporary pop tunes such as “Drowning in Love”, and “Under One Sky”.

The Tenors had the most fun when they let loose singing their Elvis Presley and Luciano Pavarotti mashup. Their chemistry with one another brought a lightheartedness that they didn’t show earlier in their performance. They seamlessly moved from grooving on stage to interacting with audience members, while several ladies swooned as they received cheesy hand kisses from the singers as they crooned in Italian.Joined by the Upper Canada College Choir, (who also supported Micallef’s “Time to Say Goodbye” performance), they closed the night with classic, “Nessum Dorma”. The vibrato of their final note thundered over the cheers of the standing and applauding audience as they looked on with proud smiles on their faces before their final bow.

The Tenors’ 72-date tour will continue in Canada this December before they head to America in January.

Click here to check out our photos from the show!


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