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Watch The Used’s new live video for “The Bird and the Worm”

By: Staff –

The Used.

The Used.

The Used has released a new live video for “The Bird and the Worm”, which serves as the first single to be released off their upcoming CD/DVD Live and Acoustic at The Palace. Watch the video below.

You can additionally watch the trailer for the album HERE.

Live and Acoustic at The Palace is set to release on April 1, 2016. The Used recorded the album during their intimate unplugged storyteller performance, which took place at The Palace Theater in Los Angeles last October. Fans who were unable to attend the once in a lifetime performance will have a chance to watch the band perform in a way they have never performed before – with a 4-piece string quartet and harpist (arranged by Hiro Goto), a piano player, percussion and a 3-piece gospel choir. Live and Acoustic at The Palace is available for pre-order now here:

In celebration of their fifteen-year anniversary, The Used will be hitting the road for a North American tour this spring with direct support from The New Regime! The band will be playing two shows per city, performing Self-Titled and In Love and Death in their entirety, plus more each evening. The tour will kick off on April 5th in Seattle, WA and wrap on May 28th in Los Angeles, CA. With each online ticket purchase, fans will get a digital copy of the band’s upcoming release, The Used: Live & Acoustic at The Palace. See tour dates here.

In order to fully recontextualize the songs on Live and Acoustic at The Palace, The Used worked with Hiro Goto on the strings and harp. Together, they arranged the various musical elements and helped the band bring out dimensions in these songs that they didn’t even know existed. “The whole time we were making this I couldn’t believe it was happening,” Bert McCracken explains, adding that 3 gospel singers and instruments like the harp helped these songs take on an entirely different emotional resonance than the post-hardcore, guitar-driven dynamics that initially propelled them. “I’m so proud of this band for working hard to pull this off and at same time I feel like this is what we deserve because we worked so hard to get here that it felt like a victory lap in a lot of ways.”

Live and Acoustic at The Palace Tracklisting
1. Tunnel
2. The Taste of Ink
3. Yesterday’s Feelings
4. Lunacy Fringe
5. The Bird And The Worm
6. Paralyzed
7. All That I’ve Got
8. Overdose
9. Blue And Yellow
10. Hard To Say
11. Imagine (John Lennon Cover)
12. On My Own



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