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Hardwell to become first EDM artist to livestream performance in VR and 360 video

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Hardwell announced today that fans around the world will be able to experience his Miami Music Week performance at Nikki Beach on March 16 live in VR and 360 video via Littlstar. Hardwell’s performance will be the first EDM event to be streamed live in VR and 360 video, and the first-ever live stream event available on all VR headsets, iOS, Android, Apple TV and the web.

By using future-forward equipment rigged with a multitude of cameras and visually stimulating additions, fans will be able to feel like they are on stage with Hardwell, standing right there in the DJ booth during his set at Nikki Beach in Miami Beach.

The Hardwell live stream event will be made possible by VBR, LeaseWeb and Littlstar. VBR, a virtual reality broadcasting company based in Amsterdam and a part of Scopic, is providing a state-of-the-art 360 camera, equipped with two fish-eye lenses that can stitch footage on the spot delivering a UHD stream. This allows people from all over the world to virtually attend Hardwell’s show; a first at any electronic dance music event so far. LeaseWeb is providing the CDN for the live stream. LeaseWeb’s proprietary content delivery network (CDN) and globally-distributed data centers minimize latency and buffering, while dynamic traffic bursting and adaptive bitrate streaming guarantee the best possible viewer experience. Hardwell’s live stream performance will be the first live stream event on Littlstar, the premier global network dedicated to immersive virtual reality and 360 video.

Fans can get an idea of Hardwell’s immersive live stream experience in a VR promo video. Watch it below.



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