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Review: Grandtheft premieres new virtual reality video for “Summer in the Winter” in Toronto

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) –



Last week it turned out that virtual reality wasn’t just for video games, as Toronto DJ Grandtheft premiered the music video for his track, “Summer in the Winter” at a swanky downtown Toronto venue.

Music industry guests filed into the top floor of the venue in anticipation of the unique VR release. DJ Brendan Fallis and a few members of Keys n Krates also mingled in the crowd of music mavens. Lined at the bar, Grandtheft ordered a drink and greeted a few friends. He was able to float freely in the group unbothered by the industry crowd.

Guests avoided the awkward movements and grasps of audience members wearing the VR hardware. Viewers rocked a headset paired with headphones and a phone that acted as the screen. Once on the viewer was then isolated into a dark world until they pressed play. With an aesthetic liken to late 80s to early 90s graphics (think Tron and the dystopian setting of Dragon Ball Z) the non-linear video was unsettling. Lobsters wielded knives and robots bore down on the viewer as flashes of neon lights and debris flew around. The video opened with a light snowfall then spiralled into an interesting and fragmented reality scored with the keyboard powered song.

Occasionally the VR Hardware overheated as guests awaited their turn to enter the dystopian world of Grandtheft’s music video. Stuffy and a bit crowded, lines began to form in the room around those who had the chance to snag a headset and watch the video.

If you have the equipment be sure to catch it online!


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