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5 Must-See Bands at Taste of Chaos 2016

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The Taste of Chaos Tour returns to the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino on July 16th with a line-up that includes headliner Dashboard Confessional, along with Taking Back Sunday, who are currently working on their seventh album, The Early November, who released their newest album, Imbue, in May 2015, Quicksand, The Get Up Kids, The Starting Line, Saosin with Anthony Green, and more!

Tickets (including VIP packages) are now on-sale.

Taking Back Sunday


How have Taking Back Sunday managed to not only survive but thrive throughout their prolific career? The answer is simple: by constantly innovating. That fact is especially evident on the group’s seventh full-length Tidal Wave (out September 16th), which sees these Long Island legends continuing to take chances and plunge headfirst in the sonic unknown with dazzling – and remarkably catchy – results.

Their first new album since Happiness Is in 2014, Tidal Wave is a forceful and fluidly cohesive tsunami of a record. Kicking off with “Death Wolf” whose one-minute atmospheric intro explodes at breakneck speed fueled by Mark O’Connell’s muscular drumming, the album pushes the band’s musical boundaries, challenging them into experimenting with different textures and sounds while remaining very true to their trademark sound. From the anthemic “You Can’t Look Back” to the balladic “I Felt It Too” to the mid-tempo closer “I’ll Find A Way to Make It What You Want”, Tidal Wave is a genuine evolution for the platinum-selling band.

Don’t miss Taking Back Sunday play their hits and some new songs on July 16th!

Dashboard Confessional 


Singer/songwriter Christopher Carrabba became the poster boy for a new generation of emo fans in the early 2000s, having left behind his former band (the post-hardcore Christian outfit Further Seems Forever) to concentrate on vulnerable, introspective solo musings.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and soul-baring song lyrics, he christened his new project Dashboard Confessional — named after a lyric in “The Sharp Hint of New Tears” — and began releasing material in 2000. And now in 2016, Carrabba nevertheless has remained the focal point of both the group and the rejuvenated emo genre.


Quicksand were one of the most influential New York post-hardcore bands of the early to mid-90’s, led by Gorilla Biscuits mastermind/guitarist Walter Schreifels. Quicksand provided the blueprint for many bands to follow in their footsteps.

The band released two widely-acclaimed albums in Slip and Manic Compression before disbanding in 1995. In 1997, Quicksand reunited, and embarked on a successful tour in 1998 with The Deftones. Towards the end of the year they entered the studio to begin work on a follow-up to Manic Compression, but tensions within the band caused them to split up for good.

Don’t miss seeing this iconic post-hardcore band while you still can!

The Get Up Kids

Call it emo. Call it post-hardcore. Call it pre-millennial angst-driven pop-core. Call it whatever. Don’t, however, waste time coining genre names for the Get Up Kids; its valuable time better spent diving into the depths of the band’s latest, Something to Write Home About. The band’s sound has a way of resolving itself far better than elusive catch phrases, generic descriptions and genre labels could ever hope for, anyway.

Saosin with Anthony Green

California-based Saosin were one of the formative bands on the post-hardcore scene, and one of the first to embrace social media as a way of promoting themselves. Saosin burst out in March 2003 with their explosive screamo-tinged debut EP, Translating the Name.

Their powerful live performance and heavy Internet presence was coupled with critical praise for their EP, comparing them to the emotional catharsis of Glassjaw.

By 2015, the band went through a period of inactivity, with rumors circulating among fans about Saosin’s future and who would be their singer when they returned. Shekoski also parted ways with Saosin in late 2015, just on the eve of their comeback. The band roared back in 2016, with original singer Anthony Green joining Beau Burchell on guitar, Chris Sorenson on bass, and Alex Rodriguez on drums. Saosin signed with Epitaph Records and announced a new album, Along the Shadow, which was released in May 2016.


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