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Concert Review: Tom Odell @ The Mod Club

By: Elaisha Green (@elaishajade) –

Tom Odell performs at the Mod Club in Toronto on October 11, 2016. (Photo: Shahnoor Ijaz/Aesthetic Magazine)

Tom Odell performs at the Mod Club in Toronto on October 11, 2016. (Photo: Shahnoor Ijaz/Aesthetic Magazine)

A grand piano sat centre stage as the air thickened in anticipation. UK indie pop singer-songwriter Tom Odell appeared promptly on stage in Toronto’s Mod Club last night and seated himself at the piano bench. “Still Getting Used to Being on My Own”, swelled throughout the venue above the audience’s cheers, as his voice refused to waver as he called out the end of the song acapella.

The crowd mainly consisted of women in their mid-twenties to middle aged couples. However, most audience members were too mesmerized by Odell’s presence to bother recording the show with their phone.

The West Sussex-born singer released his second studio album, Wrong Crowd, this summer, with the supporting tour having just kicked off and already selling out a few venues across North America and Europe.

Backed by a four-piece band, heads bobbed lightly to a soulful rendition of, “Wrong Crowd”, with many tracks from Odell’s sophomore album being more pop-rock than stoic.

He slowed things down and finally stood at the microphone before he launched into “Concrete”. Throughout his set he shifted between a grungy belt to a gentle falsetto, and soon the front of the room danced and clapped to the upbeat track “Hear I Am”. “Sparrow” followed as Odell carried the song with a strong harmony backed by his powerful piano melody. “Behind the Rose” featured a gentle harmonica solo from the band’s bassist.

With his hair and suit jacket damp from sweat, Odell strutted offstage as the audience awaited an encore. He launched into “Magnetised”, as he reappeared on stage under the assault of a flickering light show. Each band member then gave a solo as Odell left the piano to goad the audience into clapping.

Odell spoke to the audience and closed the night with, “Thank you very much Toronto I hope I get to come back very soon.”

Check out our photos here.


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