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Gift Guide: 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Music Fans

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What do you get the music fan who has everything? They have an impressive iTunes library, they go to all the concerts, and they know all the new music.

But instead of giving up and going for a generic iTunes gift card, we came up with some other ideas that will satisfy even the most picky of music fans.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves


The Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves feature a stunning design that takes touchscreen gloves to the next level.

A leather strap crosses over a notch on the wrist where a carefully placed magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. A soft layer of integrated fleece lining provides a soft touch and feel to the sturdy and durable gloves.

Silicon grip dot patterns are added to the palms of these gloves to aid in gripping and provide anti-slip capabilities that will come in handy on a moist or snowy winter day.

Available at Mujjo $30

David Bowie “Color the Starman” Colouring Book


Chameleonic, hypnotising and utterly irreplaceable, David Bowie was more than just a pop star. More underdog than diamond dog, he was an inspiration to millions: a hot tramp from the streets of London, who proved that anything’s possible when you follow your dreams.

Whether posing as an electrifying alien rock god or a thin white duke, Bowie’s career is a veritable kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors, styles and sounds. From Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust, from Goblin King to China boy, from sharp-suited aristocrat to androgynous bohemian Queen,Starman collects black-and-white sketches of his most iconic looks, stardusted visions and stylistic moments. Filled with quotes, facts and memories of Bowie from those who knew him best,David Bowie: Starman offers a uniquely creative way to remember the Starman and his incredible life on Earth – essential reading for fans of every generation.

Available at Feral House $12

Vibes Earplugs


Vibes are earplugs designed for music. A traditional foam earplug muffles and distorts sound. This is due to an unequal distribution of decibel reduction between low and high frequencies (bass to treble). Ever had speakers playing in a room next door and all you can hear is the thumping of the bass? Well that’s because none of the high frequencies (treble) can make it through and the sound is distorted. That same thing happens when you wear a foam ear plug, its like putting a wall between your ears and the music.

The average concert is around 98-115 dB’s. Experts agree anything over 85 decibels causes hearing damage. At this decibel level, your body is straining to take in sound as it is over-exposed to noise. Right now, the standard option as a consumer is to use foam ear plugs which are stigmatized, uncomfortable, non-reusable and were never designed for music or sound quality in mind. They were made to deaden sound in environments where quality is of no concern.

At Vibes, they understand that there is a difference between a construction site and a music venue; a symphony and a gun-range.

Vibes wants to revolutionize the live-sound experience by offering a product that bridges the gap between the decision of sacrificing your hearing health for your sound quality.

Available at Vibes $23

Marshall Amplification “Jack Rack”


The newest must-have music accessory by Pluginz – the “Jack Rack” – is a unique, fun gift sure to please any rocker or musician this holiday season! Already making a name for itself, this eye-catching wall-mounted keychain holder is the best way to “Hang Your Keys like a Rockstar”.

The Marshall “Jack Rack” comes in four different designs (Standard, Handwired, Chequered and SLP), which you can view above or via the “Jack Rack” website.

Not only can you buy your own “Jack Rack“, you customize them for your business or brand, too. Reputable music industry companies and huge rock artists such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Asking Alexandria and others are already creating their own custom Pluginz “Jack Rack” designs after witnessing the personalized nature of the product – allowing them to further promote their brands with a fun and functional twist.

Available at Pluginz $39

The Beatles – “Yellow Submarine” LEGO Set


Build this LEGO version of the iconic Yellow Submarine from the famous 1968 film, and journey back to Pepperland with the Fab Four! The submarine features a removable top for easy play, a cockpit that accommodates the included John, Paul, George and Ringo minifigures, two rotating propellers, four periscopes, an adjustable rudder, plus assorted accessory elements that The Beatles have collected on their journey. The set also includes a Jeremy figure. An ideal gift for fans of LEGO and The Beatles, it’s great for role-play or to create a colorful retro display.

Available at LEGO $69

Brittpaperscissors “Mixtape” Pin


A mixtape is so much more than just a medium to show your friends, family, and lovers your favorite music. A well-crafted mixtape is a work of art. Done correctly, a mixtape will make you a legend.

Show your mixtape love by wearing Brittpaperscissors’ handcrafted “Mixtape” pin. Made from soft enamel and featuring a gunmetal finish, this is the perfect gift for people for enjoy the old-school things in life.

Available at Brittpaperscissors $10

Mophie Powerstation


Talk, play and browse longer than ever with the new mophie powerstation universal battery. This 6,000mAh universal battery is packed with more power than ever with two additional charges on your smartphone. Two USB ports let you charge multiple devices.

Available at Morphie $49

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2


The Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-2 is a fun, compact, wireless printer that lets you print photos instantly on Instax mini film, from any smartphone, tablet or FUJIFILM X-Series digital camera. Share them anywhere, any time.

The Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 has many improved features vs the SP-1 including: improved image quality; faster printing speed; rechargeable battery with micro USB charger; additional filters for the SHARE App; stylish angular shape; and, improved LED indicator. The SP-2 is available in 2 colours: Gold and Silver. A variety of customizable templates and filters have been added to the SHARE App including photo Collage and Split that creates an image as two prints. The Instax SHARE Printer also uses a wireless LAN that allows up to 8 users to connect at once making it great for parties.

Available at Fujifilm $239

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription


Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club, and their mission is help people explore, experience, and enjoy music on a deeper level. A tall order, maybe, but it’s what gets them out of bed every morning with a thunderous shout.

Vinyl Me, Please believes in the power of the album as an art form. That music is a form of connection. That an album isn’t just something you own, but something that becomes a part of you. And they offer a full sensory experience that encourages you to deeply connect with the music you’re listening to. Vinyl is a tangible representation of the music you love, and brings with it a ritual you shouldn’t live without. What you listen to and how you listen to it matters. It ends up being an essential part of who you are.

Available at Vinyl Me, Please | Starts from $36/month

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