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Photos + Review: Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath @ Ricoh Coliseum

Photos by: Francesca Ludikar –

Review by: Curtis Sindrey –

Bring Me The Horizon performs at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto on March 15, 2017. (Photo: Francesca Ludikar/Aesthetic Magazine)

Bring Me The Horizon performs at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto on March 15, 2017. (Photo: Francesca Ludikar/Aesthetic Magazine)

In what was their biggest Toronto show to date, UK metalcore exports Bring Me The Horizon brought their ongoing “American Nightmare Tour” to the Ricoh Coliseum last night.

“S.P.I.R.I.T., Spirit, let’s hear it!”, yelled frontman Oliver Sykes during set opener “Happy Song”, which turned the venue into an impromptu pep rally, complete with confetti.

For those unfamiliar with the Sheffield-based five-piece, you might box them in as a typical metalcore band with screamed vocals, lyrics about hell, and death, and blistering, drop-D chord progressions, but you’d be surprised to hear that their sound ranges as far as electronica and classical. Those influences were on full display last night with tracks like “Oh No”. Metal purists might scoff at the idea that Bring Me The Horizon have stayed true to their metal roots, but it’s with every great band there’s a desire to evolve.

“Does anyone feel like the world is going to end at any fucking minute?”, Sykes asked before launching into “Antivist”, one of their most politically charged tracks. The lyric “the world’s in the shit and your children are fucked” doesn’t ring any truer than it does in 2017.

With their newest album being 2010’s Ø, reunited metalcore band Underoath’s 50-minute set mainly consisted of fan favourite tracks like “Everyone Looks So Good From Here”, and “Reinventing Your Exit”.

Show opener Beartooth might only be two albums into their career, the newest being 2016’s Aggressive, but they’ve proven why they’re breathing new life into the metalcore scene. With their signature blend of metal and hardcore punk, lead singer Caleb Shomo and co. ‘s intense 30-minute set commanded the crowd to, as Shomo phrased it, “bang your head until your fucking neck breaks”.

Bring Me The Horizon



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