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Tributes Abound For Jimi Hendrix

By: Staff –

Jimi Hendrix in 1967. (Photo: Jim Marshall)

Jimi Hendrix in 1967. (Photo: Jim Marshall)

Earlier this month, a short but touching article was posted at Guitar World, arguing that we should all learn Jimi Hendrix’s guitar habits. The article was less about how to learn these habits, and more about the ways that Hendrix created a new style of playing, essentially from scratch. It asserts that it’s now almost impossible to imagine coming up with a whole new way of playing the guitar, let alone having that style catch on with a generations of followers. As the article put it, the man played the guitar like piano, with a level of expertise and individuality we haven’t even seen in many of the other great guitarists from history.

This tribute was just one of several homages to Hendrix we seem to be seeing in 2017. We’ve been hearing more about the “Experience Hendrix” tour these last few months, though it kicked off well before 2017. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch detailed the long line of artists included on the tour from a variety of different musical genres, though it’s getting a particularly high amount of attention of late because of the presence of Billy Cox. The bassist for the tour, Cox is one of the few musicians who has actually played and recorded music with Hendrix himself. His presence, as well as the idea of the tour as a whole, does a wonderful job of keeping Hendrix’s music alive for fans.

Another interesting way that Hendrix’s music has been kept in the mainstream for an entirely different audience of late is through online gaming. Particularly when it comes to slot reels, Gambling.com argues that there’s sure to be something for everyone, and that means all kinds of differently themed games for different players. Among these themes there’s been a push in recent years for rock ‘n’ roll icons to be resurrected through artwork and audio material attached to slot reels. One such reel focuses exclusively on Jimi Hendrix. It was released in 2016 and is said to “encapsulate all that was the Flower Power generation of the 1960s,” complete with some of the artist’s greatest hits.

We also have a brand new example of the seemingly never-ending tributes to Jimi Hendrix from the music and entertainment community. For some time now the Jimi Hendrix Park has been under planning in Seattle, and a recent donation by Sony Music Entertainment has helped to move it closer to completion. Specifically, Capitol Hill Times reports that Sony put $300,000 toward the “Shadow Wave Wall,”a major component of the park that will physically represent sound waves in purple hues and with silhouettes of the artist marking its walls. It may wind up being the most impressive existing monument to Hendrix.

Appreciation for this legendary artist is nothing new, but it’s still fascinating to see so many tributes popping up in just the several years. Whatever the reason, it’s a trend most music fans will be happy to take note of, and one we hope to see a lot more of in the future.


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