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5 Must-See Artists at Warped Tour 2017

By: Staff –

Warped Tour 2017 Lineup

The annual summer tradition that is the Vans Warped Tour returns to the road this year with a stacked lineup of both established and up-and-coming punk rock, emo, pop-punk, and heavy metal bands. Whether you’re into the catchy pop-punk style of bands like Bowling For Soup, and The Ataris, or something heavier like Hatebreed, there’s something for everyone at Warped Tour!

Need help creating your perfect Warped Tour 2017 schedule? Check out our picks below for the five artists you need to check out at this year’s festival!

Tickets are now available here



Like so many rappers before him, Watsky owes a bit of thanks to Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, but unlike the others, this slam-poet-turned-rapper was introduced to the world via the HBO television series Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry.

Born and raised in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, he aims to cross-pollinate the stage, screen and stereo with work that speaks to both the humor and frustrations of modern life.

With his newest album, 2016’s X Infinity, Watsky proved to be a versatile lyricist who switches between silly and serious, technically complex and simply heartfelt, and you’ll regret not catching him at Warped Tour 2017!


Formed in 2000 in Burlington, ON, Silverstein is comprised of Told, Paul Koehler (drums), Josh Bradford (guitar), Billy Hamilton (bass) and Paul-Marc Rousseau (guitar).

The Juno-nominated group has become as close to a household name as you can get in the post-hardcore scene. The journey from Burlington to over 40 countries manifests itself in the sounds of eight full-length albums, countless EPs and singles. Some 2,000 shows, and over one million albums sold, have yet to satiate neither the dynamic five-piece, nor their eager listeners worldwide.


Armed with swords and electric guitars, GWAR’s 30 year career has taken them to battlefields and concert halls in every corner of the globe and has exacted a heavy toll. Yet, still their quest continues, laying siege upon the earthlings, crushing bodies and warping souls, in an unending quest to satiate their monstrous battle lust.

Most recently GWAR was dealt a series of catastrophic blows when first Flattus Maximus returned to the stars, transforming himself into a supernova, and then the ignominious Oderus Urungus was snatched away to the very End of Time where his immortality was stolen from him. Oderus was slain by a villain of his own creation, the vainglorious Mr Perfect, leaving his fellow Scumdogs leaderless and alone. In their darkest hour, hope arrived in the form of two new Scumdogs, the guitar wielding Pustulus Maximus and the berserk war priest, Blothar.

However, GWAR continues to ravage the planet, conducting their great “death-rallies”, luring the human hordes in with the music of metal, and then slaughtering them en masse. CD’s, DVD’s, and burnt-out cities continue to be produced in infinite procession, tracking the continuing progression of one of the most legendary bands in rock and roll history—the mighty GWAR!

Courage My Love

Defined as a blending of the senses where the stimulation of one sense leads to an automatic, involuntary reaction in another, like hearing in colour, alt-rock Courage My Love titled their new album, Synesthesia, to reflect their newfound stylistic maturity.

Recorded in Toronto at Noble Studios and Pocket Studios, Synesthesia introduces a new arsenal of sounds for the Kitchener, Ontario-based trio who have made a name for themselves and built a strong following on a number of tours across North America and Europe.

Don’t miss Courage My Love at Warped Tour 2017!

Bowling For Soup

Cheeky punk-pop outfit Bowling for Soup formed in 1994 in Wichita Falls, Texas, featuring lead vocalist/guitarist Jaret Reddick, guitarist/vocalist Chris Burney, bassist Erik Chandler, and drummer Gary Wiseman. However, they didn’t rise beyond local prominence until 1997, when a heavy touring schedule helped broaden their fan base and landed them opening spots for nationally prominent punk and ska bands.

Since then, they’ve nabbed a Grammy nomination for the single “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”, landed another hit single with “1985”, and have become one of the everlasting bands of the punk genre. And with their newest album, Drunk Dynasty, released in October 2016, the quartet have no plans to stop.

Don’t miss them at Warped Tour 2017!


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