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5 Must-See Artists at the 2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards

By: Staff –

Post Malone - 2017 MMVAs

The countdown begins for one of Canada’s biggest street parties as Much announced today the first slate of performers for the 2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards. Descending on Toronto this year for Canada’s iconic music awards show are former MMVA host Joe Jonas and his multi-platinum pop-rock outfit DNCE; Juno-winning indie rockers Arkells, One Direction’s Niall Horan, “White Iverson” rapper Post Malone, award-winning female rapper Iggy Azalea; Las Vegas anthemic rockers and second-time MMVA performers Imagine Dragons; hit-maker and singer-songwriter Julia Michaels; 2017 JUNO Award-winning rapper Jazz Cartier; and in a follow-up of her show-stopping performance on the 2014 MMVAs, pop megastar Lorde. The MMVAs airs live Sunday, June 18 in simulcast on Much, CTV, and VRAK.

Need help figuring out which artists to see at the event of the summer? Check out our picks below for the five artists you need to check out at the 2017 MMVAs!

Post Malone

Dropping basketball references like the old-school but wrapping them in thoroughly modern beats, Post Malone hit in 2015 with his single “White Iverson.”

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Malone was NFL before he was NBA thanks to a father who worked for the Cowboys. He loved music from a young age, and planned on joining a band thanks to the video game Guitar Hero, but when his dad gave him a copy of Terror Squad’s hit “Lean Back,” Post decided to become an MC. He hung with Dallas crew the IRAS until a move to the West Coast dropped him in Los Angeles. After putting some braids in his hair, he coined the term “White Iverson,” and when he posted the track in early 2015, he hit a million views within the month. And with his debut album, Stoney, released in December 2016, Malone showcased his potential for hip-hop greatness.

Don’t miss Post Malone performing at the 2017 MMVAs!



Emerging at a time when the internet had thoroughly disrupted the way we make, consume, and think about music, the Arkells’ 2008 debut, Jackson Square, inherited the dying-embered torch for a certain old-school, rock ‘n’ roll ethic—and poured a fresh gallon of gasoline on the flame. They came from a notoriously tough industrial outpost—Hamilton, Ontario—armed with songs about punching clocks and punching faces. And though they were spurred into action by the mid-2000s Canadian indie-rock renaissance—back when bands like the Weakerthans, the Constantines and Wolf Parade were channeling punk-fueled passion into anthems for the overeducated and underemployed—the Arkells were also keen students of the classics. They named songs after John Lennon and pinched lines from Elton John, and if you got them drunk enough, they could play you an hour of spot-on Motown covers.

But while their Canadian indie antecedents had either broken up or gone on indefinite hiatus by decade’s end, the Arkells gamely inherited their mission, and—with the release of their newest album, 2016’s Morning Report, Arkells have achieved the sort of national success that their underdog heroes always deserved but never experienced.

Don’t sleep on Arkells at the 2017 MMVAs!

Jazz Cartier

Jazz Cartier is quickly positioning himself as the next big rapper out of Toronto. Paying no mind to what a Toronto artist should or should not sound like, Jazz Cartier is on a unique path. The 22-year old rapper first caught the media’s attention with his mixtape Marauding in Paradise, and has since dropped another project, Hotel Paranoia, in February 2016.

If you want to hear what the future to Toronto hip-hop sounds like, don’t miss Jazz Cartier at the 2017 MMVAs!

Julia Michaels

Los Angeles’ Julia Michaels is a gifted singer/songwriter with a bent toward R&B-inflected, dance-oriented pop. Along with Belle and Robbins, Michaels composed songs for such artists as Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, and many others. She also launched her own performance career, appearing on songs like Jason Derulo’s “Trade Hearts,” Zedd’s “Straight into the Fire,” and Kygo’s “Carry Me,” which she performed at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Michaels released her debut solo single, “Issues,” in 2017, and hasn’t looked back since.


Emerging as a fully formed enigma from her native New Zealand in 2013, Lorde tapped into an untouched well of alienation, becoming the poster child for a generation who found refuge from the eternal excess of the 2010s by submerging themselves in moody art. “Royals,” the hit single that made her an international phenomenon, became a genuine sensation, topping the charts in country after country and being covered by elder statesmen like Bruce Springsteen and Jack White, a move that functioned a bit as a benediction. Lorde didn’t need their blessing, though. The singer/songwriter struck a chord, functioning as the dark corollary to the bright, happy pop of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and thereby becoming an icon for teenagers who felt older than their years.

With a new album, Melodrama, set for release on June 16th, and a performance at this year’s MMVAs, expect 2017 to be the year of Lorde.


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