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Stream Lola Marsh’s New Summer Playlist Featuring Harry Styles, Jain

By: Staff –

Lola Marsh.

Lola Marsh.

Tel Aviv based duo, Lola Marsh are gearing up to release their wistful and dreamy debut album, Remember Roses, on June 9th, which reminds us of Feist meets Lana Del Rey meets Edward Sharpe.

Put them together, and singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau mount a charm offensive powerful enough to knock down some pretty sturdy defences. The Israeli musicians distill their sound down to a small set of spare, ingratiating ingredients. In the case of their new track “Wishing Girl,” those building blocks are simple but potent: a whistled hook, Landau’s briskly strummed ukulele and Cohen’s voice, which dispenses sweetly plainspoken lines like, “You are my lonely star / And I’m, I’m your wishing girl.”

To celebrate the release of their new album, we asked them to curate their perfect summer playlist. Check it out below! 

  1. Neil Young – “Harvest Moon” – Love this song, for romantic summer nights.
  2. Rocky Rock – “Kannata” – Such a cute song for a roof top party!
  3. Titiyo – “Come Along” – High school song, nostalgia!!
  4. M.I.A – Bad Girls – This song is hot followed by an amazing video clip by Romain Gavras.
  5. Electric Guest – Troubleman – This nine minute song is a wonder! We love to hear it in the morning! Especially on tours in our van.
  6. Kanye West – “No Church in the Wild” – Gorgeous song and a stunning video clip. Again by the great Romain Gavras.
  7. The Beach Boys – “California Girls” – The ultimate summer song! Yaeli had a special dance for this song when she was little.
  8. Harry Styles – “Sign of the Times” – Beautiful song, we heard it a few days ago on the radio, it was such a hot day here in Tel Aviv and the sunset was so dreamy and this song gave us the perfect moment.
  9. Ed Sheehan – “Shape of You” – Ok ok this song is all about pure fun. Everything about this song is good! Thank you Ed!
  10. Jain – Makeba – A cool lovely summer song!


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