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Tour Diary: Letters to Part – “A Human Curse Tour 2017”

By: Letters to Part –

Letters to Part 2017 Tour Diary

Letters to Part 2017 Tour Diary.

Sometimes from the vulnerable moments, we can capture and create something wonderful. As is the case of Orlando based Post-Rock group, Letters to Part. Initially an outlet to cope with the tragic passing of Singer/Guitarist, Y’shua Ortiz-Escobedo’s cousin in 2010, he began to find himself crafting songs that illustrated his grieving process resulting in the release of the band’s EP back in 2012. Fast forward a few years, Letters To Part, consisting of  Y’shua Ortiz-Escobedo (Singer/ Guitar), Hunter Gelsen (Guitar), Dustyn Murphy (Drums), and Chris Ramos (Bass) are thrilled to unveil their debut full-length A Human Curse out July 7, 2017 via Wilhelm Records.

Check out part one of their tour dairy below!

Our tour kicked off in Tampa and Skatepark of Tampa. We’re incredibly excited to kick off the “A Human Curse” tour! The next day we headed out down to South Florida for day two of our tour. We are all originally from south Florida so we consider this a hometown show even though the band is based in Orlando, FL. It was great to see so many friends come out to support our tour and help send us out of Florida in style. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with so many great bands from Florida including Woolbright, Narvee, Goalkeeper, and Boston Marriage. This show was hands down one of the best of the tour. We were so thankful to see our friends pack out the venue and watch every single band. As we reflected on the show later that night while driving we all agreed our hometown showed us so much love and made this show one of the best we’ve played.

Two days into tour, we are starting our trek from South Florida to Atlanta driving straight through the night. The next day after waking up we decided to head out grab breakfast and explore the city a bit before the show. We headed out to the Little Five Points area in Atlanta. Walking down the street the sound of live street bands filled the air. We headed out to check out one of my personal favorite record stores in Atlanta, Criminal Records. We then headed back to the venue for load in and sound check.

Letters to Part 2017 Tour Diary. (Photo: Chris Ramos)

Letters to Part 2017 Tour Diary. (Photo: Chris Ramos)

Being on tour you meet so many amazing people. Our new friends in Things Amazing (who we’ll actually be touring with In October) were incredibly fun band to watch and great people. Following the show we headed out to Masquarade to catch our friends in Extrovert’s set and closed out the night with hangs with some old friends and some new friends.

Finding ourselves on a mountain this morning. Been a pretty great run thus far with nice sunny skies and no anxiety in the air.

As we start our route to St. Louis we realize these drives are grueling and exhausting. But slowly starting to realize the worth of it. Couple hours later we’re in St. Louis enjoying the hospitality of our new friends. Our host treated us with a full cook out and beer! We were super grateful for them. Not only for feeding us but willingness to open their home to us. As if we’d been family the whole time. In which we definitely had felt that way.

After our show we headed to Dennys to close the night with our new family.

While talking and sharing stories, I start to realize, the juice is worth the squeeze regardless of the little work we have to put in. Not even pertaining to the music industry side of things.

One of our first days off and we got to explore New York City with some friends. After traveling around the city taking pictures and filming we headed down to the venue for load in and sound check. After sound check we ventured out finding this hole in the wall pizza spot and having the best pizza of our lives. I think we probably stopped here at least three more times while in the city before heading out to Virginia.

The feeling of getting to travel with your friends in the band and play shows for new faces everyday is unlike anything in the world.


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