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Wayhome Cancels 2018 Festival

By: Staff –

Wayhome 2018 Canceled

In a new email to fans, Republic Live, producers of WayHome Music & Arts have announced that the 2018 edition of the festival will be cancelled. Check out the full message below.

“After much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to push pause on the 2018 edition, to allow us to reflect, re-assess and re-imagine the event,”  says Eva Dunford, co-founder / partner, Republic Live. “We want to thank all of our fans, artists, staff, vendors, sponsors, suppliers, partners, and community members. We sincerely appreciate your support and participation over the last three years to create a truly special festival.”

Republic Live will produce a series of concerts and events throughout the summer of 2018, and will continue to expand on the functionality of the privately owned Burl’s Creek Event Grounds venue.

“The custom-designed 600+ acre site is beyond comparison to others in this area. We have a huge opportunity to develop music and other events at Burl’s Creek and will focus on these prospects over the next year and into the future,” says David Cuddy, CFO, Republic Live.

Check out our 2017 Wayhome coverage here.

A sense of calm comes from a pause. It can be a simple moment to take a much needed breath or an opportunity to reflect, reassess and reimagine. A Pause is equal parts necessary & important.


Thank you for the love & support the community of Wayhomies have show over the last three years. The millions of magical moments we created and shared together will sit in our memory banks to be relived for years to come.

This isn’t goodbye, just see you later.



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