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Sponsored: 5 Tips to Master Mobile Photography

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Sponsored by Xenvo

Mobile Photo Tips

1. Stop buying cheap lenses

Cheap lenses = bad photos. With the new Xenvo Pro Lens Kit’s professional-grade TruView 0.45x wide angle lens, you can up your mobile photography game by shooting impressive photos of just about everything, and not break the bank. The Xenvo TruView wide-angle lens allows you to capture 45 per cent more picture in every direction; awesome for landscape photography and group photos/selfies.

2. Capture close-up details

Get up close and personal with your subject. Bring your photos to life; magnify your subject for stunning macro photos. Use the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit’s Clarus 12.5x macro lens to capture all of the breathtaking details that the naked eye can’t see. Prepare to be wowed.

3. Turn off your flash

Despite the considerable improvements with smartphone flashes, there is still much left to be desired. With the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit’s rechargeable LED fill light, say goodbye to frustrating photo retakes and say hello to an effective LED light that provides a low, medium, and high setting that instantly brighten your surroundings and provides the perfect photo every time.

4. Taking action shots? Use Burst Mode

Whether you’re trying sports photography, at an amusement park, or just playing with your dog, you want clear and beautiful photos. With the effective combination of the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit’s TruGrip non-slip rubber grips, which provide a strong, secure, and unshakeable hold, and Burst Mode, you can snap photos in quick succession and have more photos to choose from.

5. Avoid Image Noise

We’ve all seen those photos. You know, the ones that are almost too grainy to tell what the photo is of? That’s called “image noise”, and as a budding photographer, you’ll want to avoid this at all costs.

With the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit, it does the work for you with its high quality optical glass that not only consistently shoots clear and crisp photos without the amateur look of photo noise, but also prevents unwanted ghosting and lens flares (sorry J.J. Abrams).

Buy the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit here.



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