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Year in Review: The Best Songs of 2017

David Scala

Song: “Knocking At The Door” 
Artist: Arkells
Album: Morning Report (Deluxe)
Label: Universal Music Canada
Released: Apr. 18

Arkells "Knocking At The Door"

Straight from the opening, you can just tell this track was made to be a pump-up single. A track that many people can relate to and use as motivation to keep going.


Song: “Sandlot”
Artist: Dropkick Murphys
Album: 11 Short Stories Of Pain And Glory

Label: Born & Bred Records
Released: Jan. 6

Dropkick Murphys

A blast from the past. A song that you would expect to be in a soundtrack from the early 2000’s NHL hockey games. A very inspiring track, like all Dropkick tracks.


Song: “New Beginnings”
Artist: Radio Moscow
Album: New Beginnings
Label: Century Media Records
Released: Sept. 29

New Beginnings

You want old school rock n roll with an exciting psychedelic twist? Look no farther than Radio Moscow. It isn’t just a 70’s vibe, it’s 70s rock n roll done to a t. Very catchy riffs, along with a very good rhythm section that keeps you grooving and moving to the beat like rock n roll should.


Song: “Heavy Weight Lover”
Artist: Airbourne
Album: Airbourne - "Diamond Cuts"
Label: Spinefarm

Released: Sept. 28


Taken from the dusty old tapes of the Airbourne headquarters, this track screams long lost gem. Like most Airbourne tracks, you have a high octane energy riff that continues along with a groove that wll get anyone in the room dancing and having a good time. Isn’t that what rock n roll is for? Of course it is!


Song: “Sanctuary”
Artist: Elder
Album: Reflections Of A Floating World
Label: Armageddon Record Shop
Released: June 2


A very dark song that for some reason has a very mysterious vibe that makes you want to go the whole nine yards and stick with it until the end. A very interesting groove that has unique time signatures, definitely for those who like variety. Well constructed riffs hold this rollercoaster together as it goes from a standstill to a speeding bullet.


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