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‘Music From People City’ showcases Toronto’s musical diversity

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Music From People City

Toronto has become an essential hub for creativity, and has served as a launching pad for dozens of international superstars like Drake, The Weeknd, Broken Social Scene, Metric, and Pup.

Now you have the opportunity to check out some of Hogtown’s most iconic musical assets with the ongoing “Music From People City” exhibition, which gets you backstage to Toronto’s most legendary music venues, record labels, studios and musicians, exclusive concerts, and get intimate and interactive with renown DJs and VJs, while touring influential local neighbourhoods.

“Myseum is dedicated to putting Toronto’s arts, culture and historical stories centre stage,” said Karen Carter, executive director of Myseum. “From reggae to rap, jazz to classical and beyond, Toronto is a city that is filled with unique sounds, incredible music venues, diverse artists and world-class radio and TV stations. The Music from People City programming was created to help give voice to the influences and people that have shaped Toronto’s music scene, while providing a more personal look at all that Toronto has to offer to the music world.”

Join Myseum until January 12th, 2018 on a music-themed journey developed in collaboration with Retrontario, Moses Znaimer of Zoomer Media, anthem-making artist Tommy Ambrose, and numerous arts and cultural partners across the GTA. Events are free to attend and provide the opportunity to learn about and experience Toronto’s rich musical past and present, and gain a glimpse into its future.

In addition, there’s also the ongoing Myseum X Sonic Boom exhibition, which features a curated selection of Toronto-centric vinyl by Sonic Boom Records and interactive mixed-media installations by Myseum create a full sensory tour of Toronto’s musical history. Get your vinyl on, and support local artists!

The official line up of Music from People City events can be found online here.


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