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Photos + Review: Marilyn Manson @ Rebel

Photos by: Joanna Glezakos – 

Review by: Adam Harrison –

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 11: Marilyn Manson performs at Rebel in Toronto on February 11, 2018. (Photo: Joanna Glezakos/Aesthetic Magazine)

TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 11: Marilyn Manson performs at Rebel in Toronto on February 11, 2018. (Photo: Joanna Glezakos/Aesthetic Magazine)

Toronto’s appropriately named venue, Rebel, played host last night to the gothic king himself, Marilyn Manson. Currently supporting his tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down, Manson is making up dates he cancelled last year after a giant pair of prop pistols crushed him on stage, injuring his leg.

The set opened with “The Reflecting God” from Manson’s 1996 breakthrough album, Antichrist Superstar. The 49-year-old singer eerily appeared through a dimly lit dense fog. His movements were minimal but his presence was entrancing. The mixed crowd, obviously in high anticipation for the superstar were ecstatic, and demonstrated with a burst of energy as the band transitioned the opening into the heavily groovy “Deep Six” from Manson’s last album The Pale Emperor.

After about four or five songs, Manson broke out some of his greatest hits like “mOBSCENE” and “The Dope Show” as well as the lead single from Heaven Upside Down, “Kill4Me.”

As we reached the back half of the show, it became clear Manson was under the influence (to put it mildly). He started tossing his microphone at the end every song and then disappearing for minutes on end. When he would return, he would say something like “Sorry, we had a medical emergency” as he took a puff from a joint. The breaks got longer and longer and ironically as Manson was getting trashed, the rest of us were losing our buzz. Without these pauses, the 90-minute set would have likely taken 75-minutes or less.

No matter how much fans waited, no one was leaving their place until they heard “The Beautiful People.” So naturally at the very end, Manson returned one last time, with his general’s hat on, to perform the 90s mega-hit. As soon as the heavy marching drums began, every foot left the floor and bodies flew overhead. After 22-years later, that tune still proved to be a top-notch head banger.

Even as Manson approaches middle age, he continues to entertain and shock the masses. And as long as he does, he will continue to draw crowds through loyalty, fandom, expression, or pure curiosity. A Marilyn Manson show is truly something to behold.


One thought on “Photos + Review: Marilyn Manson @ Rebel

  1. I had never left a concert disappointed until Sunday night. That wasn’t Marilyn Manson, that was Brian Warner getting hammered and pretending to be Marilyn Manson. Sad.

    Posted by Rico | February 13, 2018, 4:24 pm

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