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WWE Raw: Recap, Reaction, Results (Feb. 12, 2018)

By: Jamie Henry

We start off last night’s WWE RAW at the SAP Center in San Jose, California with John Cena opening the show. He starts off with a promo about the importance of Wrestlemania, and what it can be for a WWE superstar, mentioning that it can bring back superstars from the dead, or create a moment for someone else. Cena stresses the importance of him winning at Elimination Chamber, because if he loses, he believes his road to Wrestlemania will end. However, The Miz and his Miztourage steal the spotlight with the regining Intercontinental Champion proclaiming it is ‘the year of the miz’, and asserting that he will be the first person to hold the Intercontinental and Universal championship. The two throw words together, with the most memorable coming from the Miz, who says he crosses lines that Cena won’t cross. Cena suggests a match between him and Miz with the loser of the match entering the Elimination Chamber match first, which is a huge disadvantage. Miz apparently denies the match and his Miztourage attack Cena. The Miz then says he will take the match and asks for a referee but Kurt Angle comes out instead, saying he likes the idea but not with the Miztourage being ringside. Miz dominates early, however Cena gets the win with an attitude adjustment from the top rope. The match was good and the back and forths had fans on the tip of their toes.

Cut to a brief promo from Anderson and Gallows who lay a verbal smackdown against Wilder and Dawson before coming out for their match against them. Before they can get to the ring, though, the two attack Anderson and Gallows. The match gets on its way, both teams having good chemistry wrestling together and a good amount of back and forth before Wilder and Dawson pull out the win.

Raw commissioner Kurt Angle suddenly makes his way to the ring with an important announcement. Angle proclaimed that former UFC star Ronda Rousey, who will reportedly make her first scheduled WWE appearance at Elimination Chamber, signed a WWE Raw contract, and that Jason Jordan underwent neck surgery that will put him out of commission until after Wrestlemania. Angle then scolds the crowd for cheering about Jordan’s injury, and is interrupted by Seth Rollins, who says he’s sorry about Jordan and he’s a good kid in a tough spot, and he knows that because he’s been there. He mentions that so far, he has nothing for Wrestlemania. Angle offers to find Rollins another tag team partner, but Rollins turns him down, saying he doesn’t want to be part of RAW, he wants to be Monday Night RAW. Rollins propositions to take the second chance fatal four way and make it into a fatal five way with him in the match. Angle agrees and the match is on.

Sasha Banks comes out for her match against Bayley, in Bayley’s hometown. Bayley showed her domination early, letting her aggression out on Banks. Bayley wins match with a belly to belly off the second rope. The match was good as it shows, once again, that Bayley does have an aggressive side and she isn’t all sunshine and hugs. When it seems like Bayley and Sasha may attack one another post-match to cheers of ‘hug it out’, Nia Jax comes out and attacks them both. The attack was a surprise but well received.

“Nia, why interject yourself in a moment that has nothing to do with you,” Charly Caruso asked Jax, with Jax responding, “This has everything to do with me,” before claiming that she will break Asuka’s streak at Elimination Chamber.

Seth Rollins is shown backstage, where Roman Reigns comes up to him. The two banter about Rollins making the 4 way into a 5 way and about how Reigns will eliminate Rollins like he did in the Rumble.

We see an Asuka by the numbers promo and then Renee Young interviewing Apollo Crews, which quickly turns into Titus O’Neil interviewing Apollo himself to get him pumped. We then see Alexa Bliss and Mickie James backstage together, with James questioning Bliss about her save last week and what it all meant.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out for their match against James and Bliss, with Paige ringside. James and Bliss dominate early, which is no surprise but Deville and Rose get in a few close calls. Rose and Deville win though when Paige distracts Bliss and Deville attacks her. After the match, Paige, Deville and Rose attack James, with Bliss coming to the save once more.

We spot Elias walking backstage with his guitar, grinning. When we come back from commercial, he is in the ring and ready to sing us a promo. The crowd, of course, cheers him on when he mentions no longer singing due to their noise. During his song, Braun Strowman appears opposite of Elias with a microphone. Strowman then pulls out a big cello and plays it like a guitar, destroying it, before singing his own promo. Elias tries to attack Strowman as he’s getting in the ring after his song, but fails, which causes a few good laughs. In the end, Elias is crawling away from the ring and Strowman attacks him with the cello.

Cue the fatal five way main event – Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy vs Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor. The match kicks off with Wyatt wrestling Hardy outside of the ring and Balor, Rollins and Crews wrestling each other on the opposite side of the ring. We had a nice focus on Rollins vs Balor and then everyone else joining in. Rollins’ Phoenix Splash made an appearance, which ignited the crowd’s interest. In the end, both Balor and Rollins pinned Wyatt, and RAW ended with the two wrestlers arguing with the referee.


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