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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Kim Logan’s New Video For “Ladyboy”

By: Staff –

Kim Logan.

Kim Logan.

Florida-born singer-songwriter Kim Logan is back with her newest double-sided single Pseudoscience: Chapter 3, and we’re thrilled to premiere her new video for “Ladyboy”. Watch it below!

In a statement about the new video Logan said, “caught at a unique intersection of the history of rock and roll, the present of Americana fetishisation, and the mystery of the future of music, Kim Logan has loved and worked with some of the most beautiful, fearless, creative, androgynous souls in Nashville. ‘Pseudoscience: Chapter 3’ is for and about them.  Featuring a supergroup of players including Kim, Gyasi Heus, Dylan Whitlow (Blackfoot Gypsies), Amaia Agirre (Thelma and the Sleaze), and Houston Mathews (Buffalo Clover, The Minks), “Ladyboy” is pure homage to the 1970s New York City sounds and fashion that has been the zeitgeist for nearly 50 years.”

Pseudoscience: Chapter 3 is the third addition to her sophomore body of work entitled ‘Pseudoscience,’ which she has been releasing in installments since late 2016, collaborating with producers like Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels).

Hailing from a classical background, studying at Berklee College of Music, and spending a decade in the opera industry, her sound is unconventional, dark, and exploratory. Drawing from the many different genres of blues, roots, and soul music, Logan presents poetic yet unapologetic tracks. 



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