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Stream The New Sarah Cripps “After-Hours” Playlist

By: Staff 

Sarah Cripps. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Sarah Cripps. (Photo: Jen Squires)

Over the past decade, Sarah Cripps has become known for her strong base in roots music, developing an intensity and grit that has been honed through extensive performing. Since her debut alt-country album Change and five years of touring across Canada, Cripps has refined her art and matured her sound, creating her current alt collaboration with producer Dean Drouillard.

Her experiences over the past five years have led to the dark, after-hours vibe of her new album, Sarah Cripps which presents a rich, dark tapestry, exploring new genres and influences. Working with videographer Mike Tobin, Cripps set the mood for her album with the release of her video ‘Leave Behind‘ last fall.

Now, she’s back with a brand new exclusive “after-hours” playlist to relax and unwind after work or for staying up late with friends. Check it out below!

Bad Vibrations – The Black Angels
Wanted to start the playlist off with a psychedelic banger. This always gets me in the mood for ‘after-hours’ vibes.

Ball Crusher – Steppenwolf
This tune is from Steppenwolf 7 which has been a late night special for me. It’s been an obsession for at least a year now and it never gets old.

I’d Rather Be With You – Bootsy Collins
Love Bootsy’s voice and the simplicity of this one. Still searching for it on vinyl!!

You Should Buy Myself a Drink – Doubletooth
These guys are friends of mine and they made such a cool record. It’s just so unique, funky, and relaxing. One of the members actually played drums on my album.

No More Fighting – Althea & Donna
Perfect song to help you forget all your daytime woes.

Always See Your Face – Love
Feel good love songs are always a great night time playlist addition. This was a must for me.

Uncloudy Day – The Staple Singers
This song always stops me in my tracks. It can make anyone stop what they’re doing and just melt into it.

I’ve Got a Feeling – Jessica Pratt
This one is so haunting and beautiful. Seemed like an appropriate way to keep a mellow mood going.

Charcoal Heart – Sarah Cripps
Shameless self plug. It’s time for the playlist to get a little darker and heavier. This seemed like a great transition tune to take it there.

Waiting For Blood – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Are you feeling like a vampire yet?

Hell’s Bells – Cary Ann Hearst
She’s a big inspiration to me as an artist. Love the industrial production of this dark roots song.

High Time – Grateful Dead
The title says it all…

Something On Your Mind – Karen Dalton
That voice. That voice. That voice!

Heat – Sarah Cripps
One of my favourites from my album. Definitely wanted to add this one into the after hours playlist.

Introduction – Earth – Pentastar – In the Style of Demons
Such a heavy album. Perfect time for a brooding instrumental while winding down.

Slums and Seaports – Twist
Recently have gotten into this awesome Toronto band. This one has great night vibes.

Science Fiction – Christine and the Queens
Thought I’d lift it up a little to finish it off. So perfectly pulsing and full of mystery.



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