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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: Recap, Reaction, Results

By: Jamie Henry

Last night’s (Feb. 25th) WWE Elimination Chamber at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada kicked off with the Women’s Elimination Chamber match where Alexa Bliss defends her championship against Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickey James, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

Sonya Deville and Bayley are the first in the ring and Deville is able to maintain a grapple against Bayley early on in the match due to her MMA background. Deville is able to give Bayley a shot to the midsection before trying to use the chamber as a weapon. With, “Let’s go Bayley” chants, Bayley jumps off of the top rope and nearly pins Deville but Mandy Rose comes out of her pod, giving Absolution full strength. Bayley goes right after Rose but also attacks Deville when Deville comes for her. Sasha Banks is out next, going to the aid of Bayley immediately, attacking Deville and Rose, bouncing Rose off of a pod and then into the cage. Banks attempts to pin Deville after giving her a double knee but is unsuccessful. Bayley and Banks work together, throwing Deville against the chamber more than once. Banks eliminates Rose by a Bank Statement, which is overshadowed when Mickie James enters next.

James focuses on Deville once Bayley and Banks are down for a few minutes before she begins to climb up the chamber, getting interrupted by Banks, kicking her and then continuing upwards before Bayley joins her and the two begin to trade blows. James kicks Bayley off the chamber before standing atop of a pod and launching herself off of it and onto Deville, pinning her to a rush of cheers. James and Bliss, who is still in her pod, celebrate but Bayley and Banks interrupt, Bayley pins James moments later and eliminates her.

Once Bliss leaves her pod, it’s complete chaos. She joins Bayley to superplex Banks while Banks is hanging from the top rope. Banks manages to climb to the top rope, nearly pinning Bayley with a frog splash. Bayley pulls a Bayley to Belly on Banks but Bliss pulls one over and pins Bayley eliminating her. Bliss flies from the top rope but Banks counters with a knee to the midsection, followed by a few high kicks, getting her leg stuck into the cage, allowing Bliss to capitalize as she throws Banks into the cage before climbing onto a pod. Bliss jumps off, attempting to pin Banks, who rolls into a cover in attempt to give her a Banks Statement, nearly allowing Bliss to tap out before realizing thy were outside of the ring. Bliss wins the match by pinning Banks after slamming her into a pod door. Throughout the arena, there are ‘you deserve it’ chants, which she damn well does. Bliss dedicates the victory to the women and little girls who have ever dreamed big and it proves that you can be whatever you want to be and ‘dare to dream and dream big’. After that touching moment, she goes back into her heel persona, saying none of you will ever accomplish their dreams and that she has proven there is no one better than her.

Next up is Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, who faces Sheamus and Cesaro for the RAW Tag Team Championship Titles. The Bar goes after O’Neil and Crews before the bell even rings and quickly gain the upperhand. The Bar dominate for most of the match as they hit Apolo with the double team as Cesaro covers for the pin and the victory.

Nia and Asuka are up next with a RAW Women’s title match at Wrestlemania 34 on the line if Jax comes out victorious. Jax takes control early, befoe Asuka places her in the Guillotine before Jax pulls out of it. Asuka strikes her a few times before Nia gives Asuka a Samoan Drop. Jax glances at the Wrestlemania 34 sign before attempting to put Asuka away, however she counters and rolls Jax up for the win.

Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy is up next as Hardy comes out first and then disappears when Wyatt comes out before punching Wyatt from behind when Wyatt is looking for him. The two men go for one another continuously, trading moves back and forth. The crowd slowly gets behind the match before losing interest, chanting, “Rusev Day’ at one point. Shortly after, Matt Hardy is able to pull a win over Bray Wyatt, pulling off a Twist of Fate for the victory.

Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out next for the Ronda Rousey contract signing. The crowd chants ‘Triple H’ and you can see the emotion in Triple H’s eyes as he grins. When Rousey is introduced, the crowd is dead. Kurt says says that Stephanie and Triple H have been waiting for this moment since she humiliated them at Wrestlemania 31. Triple H begins to usher Angle out, only for Angle to have the last word, causing Rousey to approach Stephanie. Triple H breaks the two up, only for Rousey to throw him into the chamber. McMahon slaps Rousey, with chants of ‘you fucked up’ making the air as Ronda walks away, signing the contract. This was also not a surprise as many people have heard the rumors of Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon facing Rousey and The Rock at Wrestlemania. What also wasn’t a surprise was how awkward Rousey was during the entire time she spoke, showing you can’t just hop careers without truly putting in your worth.

Next up is the main event to decide who will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34 for the Universal Championship. Elias begins by playing a tune in the middle of the ring before reminding us that WWE stands for walk with elias. Bray Wyatt comes out next, and Elias enters the pod he’s chosen while Wyatt stares him down. Strowman also enters a pod and John Cena comes out, also going into a pod. Roman Reigns comes out, to mixed cheers, which is a shame but not surprising, making his way to the ring, having a stare down with Strowman, Elias and Cena before entering a pod. The Miz it out next, where he will wrestle first against Rollins and Balor. Miz does the same thing as Reigns, only for Strowman to slap the pod door, scaring him. Rollins is out next, and then Balor. Miz attempts to get Balor and Rollins to team up with him to take the other out, only for both to say no and then attempt to take him out. Rollins nearly pins Miz with a Falcon Arrow only for Miz to kick out. Rollins scores Double Blockbuster on Balor and Miz, tries to pin them only to fail. Cena exits his pod, as he argues with Rollins before Rollins pushes back and Cena laughs. As the crowd becomes more into it, the two push one another before wrestling, their tempers flaring. Cena shoulder tackles Rollins while Rollins counters with a Revolution Knee. Rollins then gives Balor a Superkick, as all three men rest in the corners while Rollins is in the middle of the ring. Both Cena and Rollins have the competitors on the top ropes, pulling double Suplexes but neither going for a pin with all four men down. Roman Reigns then comes out, all four men are still down but Balor is up first, followed by Rollins as the two men stare at each other before Miz pushes Roman into Rollins and nearly eliminates Rollins. Miz then Yes Kicks everyone in a circle before staying with Reigns. When he tries his last one, Reigns counters, able to knock Miz down until Balor takes Reigns from behind and Rollins attempts to stop him, only to be thrown out of the ring. Reigns jumps off of the second rope, and pins Balor but he kicks out. Balor is continuously assaulted by Reigns until Cena comes, kicking out after Reigns Samoan Drops him and then Miz with a Powerbomb. Reigns is about to pull a Superman Punch but Strowman is out next and stops himself, staring down Strowman while Strowman whips Rollins into the chamber wall. Strowman then continuous to clock everyone before Cena and Rollins work together to try and take him out only for Strowman to counter. He then goes after Miz, who climbs the chamber. Strowman climbs on to the pod and throws Miz into everyone else in the middle of the ring. He goes after Reigns and Rollins attacks him from behind before he’s thrown into the chamber. Strowman is still the only man standing, going after Miz next, pinning him.

Elias is now out of the pod, staring at Strowman before re-entering the pod and closing the door like Alexa Bliss did earlier in the night. As Strowman waits, all four men attack him from behind. Rollins and Reigns try to do a Power Bomb with everyone, where he is then nearly pinned before kicking out. Cena then tries to pin him and Strowman kicks out once more. Then Reigns does the same, and once more, Strowman kicks out. Rollins does a Curbstomp and Balor does a Coup De Grace, but Balor rolls out of the ring. Cena pulls an AA on Reigns, but Rollins kicks him. Balor attempts a Slingblade to Rollins, where he counters and now all men are on the floor. Elias then enters the match and nearly pins Rollins, then Balor then Reigns and then Cena but they all kick out. Elias goes after all men and attempts to pin Rollins once more but can’t. Reigns is Powerbombed by Elias but kicks out. Strowman is back and throws Elias into the ring post before attempting to kick him, Elias moving out of the way until he tries to Powerbomb Strowman, getting pinned.

Strowman has a hold on Reigns as he watches Elias walk out of the chamber. He attempts a Powerslam on the big dog but Reigns kicks at Strowman, then Balor and then Cena. Strowman eliminates Cena. Strowman works Reigns, Rollins tries to work Stroman and then Balor works Strowman for a few minutes, driving him into the corner continuously with Dropkicks. Balor nearly eliminates Strowman but he kicks out once more.

Balor and Rollins work at each other, with Balor nearly pinning Rollins. Reigns then goes after Balor, but Balor counters with a kick into the corner and Strowman attacks Balor just as he’s about to go pin Reigns, pinning Balor.

Reigns and Rollins attack Strowman, Strowman going over the top while going for Rollins as he kicks Rollins down and Reigns punches him. Rollins, looking like he’s going after Strowman, turns on Reigns and begins pummelling him, nearly doing a Curbstomp but Reigns powers out. Rollins begins climbing up the chamber as Reigns watches from below and Strowman climbs up after Rollins. Reigns Samoan Drops Strowman outside of the ring while Rollins is on the pod. Rollins then looks at the WrestleMania 34 sign and does a frog splash onto Strowman, nearly pinning him before he kicks out.

All three men continuously go back and forth, as Rollins and Reigns focus their efforts on Strowman but eventually Strowman pins Rollins, leaving just Reigns and Strowman. The two stare each other down before attacking with Strowman and Reigns driving each other into the chamber wall. Reigns, against a pod, moves when he sees Strowman coming after him, pushing Strowman into the pod before he pulls a Superman Punch. Reigns then pulls out an arsenal of finishing moves at every moment before eventually scoring the pin on Strowman.


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